My husband loves to hear about my past lovers. 1. Many years later, she attended his wedding banquet, whom she had secretly loved for many years. He became personable and talkative. Sitting next to him was a beautiful bride. Although it was not good to look at, he had to

Love should keep what kind of temperature and distance, sometimes two people in love is the burning wood, often quickly consumed each other’s passion, the latter two people’s relationship is not a bigger and better development. So when we’re in a relationship, how do we keep pace?How do you fix a relationship when it’s moving too fast?

my only love sprung from my only hate

My only love sprung from my only hate. The deepest hate comes from the deepest love. Hate is a defense against love, and love is a defense against hate.   All things, from the initial love and hatred, to the final indifferent, just let go.   When the heart reconciles

not spending enough time together relationship

How important is spending time together in a relationship? I saw an article a few days ago, to the effect that the divorce lawyers took a lot of cases and found out that what really caused the breakdown of the marriage was not the external tear, but the internal lonely.

Corny love quotes

Corny love quotes. In the long river of time, I know that hiding likes in the deepest place is the perfect ending. Corny love quotes. Because I don’t think anyone hates it. Out of male instinct, I like most girls. But what about it, the people walking by, don’t have

chase the girl who just broke up

The girl you like for a long time finally broke up with someone else! You wanted to chase her before, but someone has a boyfriend, and now she just broke up, it’s a good time to pursue her! So, how long is it appropriate to chase after her breakup? Look down, let you know how to chase the girl who just broke up!