Dating a taller woman

Dating a taller woman

Dating a taller woman.Is it weird to date a girl taller than you? Tall girl is a very embarrassing existence.

Will a taller girl date a shorter guy? The key to embarrassment lies in the fact that tall people themselves are very heavy bonus points, but in the actual marriage and love market it has become a fictitious threshold.

Of the 100 boys below 1.75, generally only within 5 (intuitive statistics, no research done) dared or willing to chase girls above 1.70.

Dating a taller woman. Why, because there is a factor in people’s love psychology that we often overlook, that is, the success rate of love in feeling.

Simply put, although boys like animals mainly look at their faces, they still evaluate their success rate perceptually, and then rely on instinct to calculate the product of success rate and income to determine whether to try to engage in a relationship.

Intuitively, it is impossible for most boys to fall in love with an unattainable beauty. Even if this girl has a perfect appearance and figure, the pursuit may not even be mentioned. This is one of the reasons why boys dont actually follow stars.

Dating a taller woman. On the other hand, many cute and lively girls who are easily accessible tend to be pursued by more people. The reason is the same, because boys are easier to approach them, and their intuitive sense of efficacy is also higher in pursuit of them. The inner monologue is, this is not a particularly beautiful girl, I always have a chance.

Why is dating a tall girl better? And what about tall people? Intuitive feelings can produce a sense of oppression, and those who can break through this psychological barrier are all male EQ masters.

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How do you date a woman taller than you? And among the boys’ EQ masters, obviously the proportion of ordinary boys is larger. Because there is basically no positive correlation between EQ and height, handsome, but there may be a negative correlation instead, because I am tall, I am handsome, and girls choose casually to train EQ, so I dont have that rigid need. I rub, I am short, I don’t know how to tease girls, I don’t have the chance for ordinary girls, I have to improve my EQ at will.

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Overall, even if the level of EQ is distributed, the proportion of high-quality men is the same as that of ordinary men, but because the number of high-quality men itself is small, the proportion of ordinary boys among men with high EQ is still larger.

Dating a taller woman. And those who can catch up with tall girls are usually courageous enough emotional intelligence masters. Do you think there are more tall boys or ordinary boys among them?

This is a question of probability. It is also a consumer psychology issue.

In fact, high-end shopping malls do not necessarily sell very expensive things. For ordinary people, some things are still consumed. But many people will avoid these places, or even never enter? ! Not to mention it’s okay to run over to try your luck and see if there are any discounts. This is the consumption threshold, so the low- and middle-end shopping malls are overcrowded, and the high-end shopping malls are deserted.

Dating a taller woman. Dating a taller woman. Beauty, taller beauty, there must be many people who like it, but not many people pursue it. In addition, beautiful women are slow-heating animals, and emotional intelligence conquest is easier to achieve ultimate success than facial value conquest. Therefore, tall beauties find ordinary boys, which is very in line with probability distribution and consumer psychology.

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