Dirty games to play with friends.

Dirty games to play with friends

Dirty games to play with friends. These are the little secrets between my boyfriend and me. It is a little game to warm up the feelings. It is necessary to fall in love.

1. Rock-paper-scissors on the tip of the tongue

Dirty games to play with friends. This rock-paper-scissors is a bit different. It is rock when you close your mouth, scissors when you stick out your tongue, and cloth when you open your mouth.

2. Pillow fight

This game is super warm~ Play a pillow fight with him on the weekend morning, super fun and super fun, you can try it if you are bored~

3. Imitate each other

This game is best played when arguing, imitating tas tone and repeating what he said, even if the quarrel is fierce, the two sides will be unwilling to laugh~

4. The taste of love

To play this game, you must be prepared to be beaten haha~ first brew a fart, and then catch him to smell it hahaha~

5. Braised pork knuckles

Everyone has played this game when I was young. Put your hands on the palms of his hands, and move your hands away in time when you are hit.

6. Blindfolded hide and seek

Dirty games to play with friends. Rock-paper-scissors, whoever loses, blindfolds and catches each other, this kind of physical contact game can quickly heat up your feelings~

7. Dubbing the movie

 Find a movie that you all know and love, and then dub the male and female protagonists according to your ideas. It is absolutely fun~

8. Give each other makeup

This game is very common in variety shows, and couples in life can also play it. It must be funny to see what he can paint for you. After painting, take a selfie together and record your hours.

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9. Ambiguous push-ups

 Push-ups are familiar to everyone. Although a bit old-fashioned, they can definitely make them blush and heartbeat.

10.Quick questions and answers

Ask the other party questions, and then let him answer quickly. This game can examine how much he knows about you~

11. Dubbing for passersby

When two people are sitting on the street or in the shop, they can dub passers-by and imitate their inner thoughts.

12. Tell a story

Both sides give each other a few words in turn, let each other use their imagination and tell a story within a limited time!

13. Guess who I am

Put an item name or character name on your forehead and guess what you have posted on your forehead by asking the other person a question and getting the answer yes or no. Ask questions with “Am I xx?” throughout the entire process!

14. See who moves fast

Dirty games to play with friends. A game that tests reactivity. Prepare an inflatable hammer and a pot cover on the table, one for offense and one for defense. The two play rock-paper-scissors, the loser uses a pot cover to block his head, and the winner uses an inflatable hammer to hit the opponent’s head.

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15. Wear headphones to guess what the other person is saying

Dirty games to play with friends. One of them puts on headphones, and he wants to play some very loud music in the headphones. The other person says what you want to say and let the person wearing the headset guess. It will be hilarious!

16. Hit each other blindfolded

Dirty games to play with friends. Both were blindfolded and used pillows as weapons. Before the game started, both of them had elephant trunks turned 5 times. In a certain space, whoever is beaten first will lose!

17. Can only say 5 sentences

It is stipulated that no one can speak for a certain period of time, and the recorded 5 sentences are used for dialogue. It will be fun if you can’t predict the dialogue!

18. Witty talk

Dirty games to play with friends. Pick 3 words at random and let him connect the 3 words into a smooth sentence.

19. Grab the quilt

Everyone understands the rules of this game. The quilt grabbing battle begins, lets see who can win~

20. Role Playing

Dirty games to play with friends. Its time to test your acting skills~ Choose any scenes and roles to play, such as the empress and father-in-law in Gongdou drama~

21. Wrists off

The rules here are different, because girls must have less strength, so boys can only use two fingers to compete with a girls hand~

22. Look at each other for 10 seconds

Dirty games to play with friends. As the title says, the two sides will look at each other for 10 seconds to see who wins first or cant help laughing before losing. A small punishment is also OK~

23. Don’t laugh

Dirty games to play with friends. With a sip of water in your mouth to watch funny videos, whoever laughs first loses

24. A lifetime game

Two people love and take care of each other for a lifetime. There is no winning or losing in this game, cherishing each other is the best result~

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