How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her

make a girl chase you by ignoring her

Have you ever thought about a problem? Why are you always chasing women, not women chasing you? Why can others quickly enter a relationship, but you can never find love? How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

In fact, in addition to meeting the right people, our methods are equally important.

Wanting a woman to chase you down and fall in love with you not only requires self-confidence, but more importantly, the right method. The biggest difference between a woman and a man is that before deciding who can be her man, her mind is clearer and more rational than anyone else. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

When meeting a man who is interested in her, she will habitually make a quick judgment in her mind, grab all the details or meaningful evidence that can be seen, and examine the man in front of her. It’s like a girl going to take Didi. She and the driver chatted very happily along the way. They think this driver is very interesting and very good at chatting.

When getting off the bus, the driver told her, let’s leave a WeChat and eat together another day. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

Will she agree? She would feel that with the driver is not a person in the same world.

Even though he is interesting, I’m sorry-I’m getting off at the stop. To get back to the subject, in the relationship between the sexes, we must deeply understand that the logic of the relationship between the sexes is different from the universal logic that men think in the usual sense.

Girls are attracted by charm, not by chasing them.

You must break your old three views and establish a new concept: girls rely on attraction, not pursuit.

These are two completely different levels.

Pursuit is chosen by the girl, and the girl is the center;

Attraction is centered on yourself and build your own charm to let the girl come closer. This is the number one prerequisite for girls to chase you down.

If you and her are not in the same world at all, you are totally different in nature.

Maybe your humor can make women think that you are a good person, but the unmatched Libra between you will eventually make you fall towards the end of being a friend.

When we can match a woman and become a person in the world, can we let her chase it back?

It’s possible! How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

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★The first step is to learn to “let women invest in you.”


When we want to deal with a girl, the time, energy, and money spent on her is called investment, just like buying stocks for futures.

We want to invest because we want a fairly generous return.

But have you ever thought about what women have invested in when you put human, material, and mental energy on women?

If a woman gets everything without giving anything, will she feel like she wants to recover the cost and win you to be her boyfriend? How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

Therefore, when you are in contact with and getting along with your target, you have to learn to actively state your requirements and conditions to select her.

If you act with an attitude, and even actively push her away, she will start to work hard and try to make you like her.

At this time, a woman has already started her first intangible investment.

Remember what I said earlier? How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

Once you have invested time, money, or energy, you need to recover the cost. She starts to hope to get the various investments you like, and the cost recovered is you.


★Step 2: Make her feel “you are different from most men.”


When most men find that their sister responds well to him, or is interested, when the window is quite large, the whole figure is like a happy little pony, Sahuan can’t stop at all, and keep sending WeChat. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

But you have to know that once you act too eagerly or enthusiastically, women’s feelings for you will quickly die out.

If you want the other party’s interest in you only to increase, you must maintain your own sense of mystery and try to catch it.

When the conversation is very high, cut off the topic and walk away to get busy with your own affairs. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

Or assuming that she is chasing you, deliberately misunderstanding that she is playing rogue to you.

Don’t be an honest gentleman as soon as a woman asks you a question, say everything clearly, and wait to get your heart out!

Women like the good of bad men, not the bad of good men. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

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★Step 3: Always show your strengths.


In order for women to have the idea of “I want to chase this man”, in addition to the most basic attraction, we have to face a very real and cruel thing:

The woman you want to handle will also have other men want to handle it, and you have far more than one competitor.

Maybe some of them are handsomer than you, taller than you, or even better than you.

What you have to do is to improve your comprehensive ability first. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?


 Bucket effect: How much water a wooden bucket can hold does not depend on the longest wooden board, but on the shortest wooden board. That is, the short board effect.

Find your strengths and weaknesses, optimize yourself as much as possible, and be the man with the highest overall score around her.

From appearance, expressiveness, social certification, quality of life, all aspects to show that he is a high-value man, of course, it also contains high emotional intelligence and high interest. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

Whether it is chatting or dating, don’t push yourself down easily.

Show your strengths in front of her at all times, instead of kneeling and licking blindly.

Don’t let hormones and needs determine your emotional direction. A complete love requires skills and methods.

This world is like this. If you look at women from another angle, look at the relationship between the sexes correctly, and understand the differences between men and women, you can control your own happiness.

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