How to make friends in college during covid?

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TOPIC OF THIS ARTICLE: How to make friends in college during covid

How to make friends in college during covid? Good friends are like-minded and attract each other, not found. It takes time. You will have good friends before and after, not necessarily at this stage.

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You don’t need to force your friendship to anyone, and you don’t need to kneel down and beg others to accept it. Status: whether it’s fun or not depends not on where to go, but on who to go with. Anything boring becomes interesting when you are alone.

The best is the best friendship between two people. They can joke and chat with each other. The friendship between three people is not strong. You can show your true and interesting side first. People want to be happy. If you are interesting, it will attract people.

You can make fun of each other. Don’t let the other party feel that she is isolated. At the beginning, you still have to respect her. Believe me, she will respond to you. Even if you think it’s inappropriate to make fun sometimes, you can’t be too serious. It’s really silly.

And no matter what you do, you will have bad feelings. If you three walk, and the other person talks with the other person all the time, will you feel embarrassed, and this matter is really difficult to deal with, and you tell the other person that you don’t care?

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Isn’t that more strange? In addition, the other party invites you to do anything, try to do, common memories can support a friendship. Combined with my own experience:

How to make friends in college during covid 1. Specificity:

You can have a lot of friends, but you need to know which is your best friend. You need to think more about her, spend more time together, and contact more. It’s not important online, but offline. At least let others see that you are good friends. You treat each other as good friends.

How to make friends in college during covid 2. Familiar with:

If you don’t have a topic to talk about, consider if your previous words hurt the other person and made him afraid to talk. However, in the final analysis, it is because you are not trusted enough, you are not familiar enough, and it takes time.

How to make friends in college during covid 3. Close friends:

First of all, start with friends and good friends. After a certain stage and degree of understanding, you can naturally show him your inner world. But in my life, I didn’t meet a few people. I was really happy. When and where he can do anything for you, very touching. But don’t think too much about each other.

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How to make friends in college during covid 4. Make suitable friends

Be sure to make friends with honest and kind people. It’s also very happy to make friends with interesting people. In addition, it’s hard to make intimate friends with selfish and serious people. If you want to make intimate friends, it is recommended to avoid such people.

The person you think will disappear after you get along with each other is not the choice of a lifelong friend. The premise of making friends is that this person must be smart (I think). He can’t understand what you do.

If this person has good friends before, and you are more suitable, it will be easier, because he knows how to deal with friendship and how to take care of friends, which is the key. Everyone’s personality is not the same, get along with different ways, to adapt.

How to make friends in college during covid 5. Initiative:

However, if you make an obvious signal, and the other party evades, refuses to accept, and does not respond, it means that you are not attractive enough to him, and he is not willing to make further friends with you. For example, there is a seat next to you in class, and he sits in other places, which shows that your relationship is not enough.

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How to make friends in college during covid 6. Enough is enough:

It’s not suitable. It’s not your friendship. Leave now. Don’t disturb others.

How to make friends in college during covid 7. Consider each other’s ideas

Do anything, you have to do, you have, you know he must need, don’t ask what you want to directly get him a share, life coordination, surprise, very comfortable. let nature take its course.

All of the above is nonsense. People don’t get along with so many procedural things. They attract each other, depend on each other, cooperate with each other, help each other, accompany each other and grow up.

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