5 love languages physical touch

5 love languages physical touch

5 love languages physical touch. The physical touch of the voice of love.

The most direct physical contact in the language of love. When you are happy, hug your close travel companion. One happiness becomes two. When you are sad and wronged, a hug will reduce her by half, and you will slowly unwind and get one more. Get in touch with more trust.

So we have to cultivate every day to give family a hug when we go out and when we get home. You will find that you are more powerful and your travel companions are more gentle. It is a way to communicate emotions through physical contact, but which way to choose is also a matter of our consideration. .

5 love languages physical touch. This requires us to understand each other, you need to have a detailed understanding of the psychological and cultural background and living habits of your traveling companions, and find a suitable way based on these signals. This is the process of mutual understanding between husband and wife. This will make your lives have more tacit understanding.

5 love languages physical touch. For example, a kiss and hug, you can hold her hand or hold her shoulder while shopping. When she needs to find someone to talk about her feelings, your hug is her best warmth.

Why is physical touch important in a relationship?”Five Languages of Love” is a book about communication between the sexes, shared by friends in the financial community. Compared with the “bricks and mortar books” that put forward the problems in the communication between the sexes, they analyzed the reasons for a long time and finally gave the countermeasures.

The book directly outputs communication methods and gives countermeasures. The full text is straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to understand. The methodology in the book is worth reading, learning, mastering and practicing.

5 love languages physical touch. The beginning of the book states: human beings desire to be close and have a deep need for love. When we fall in love, we enter the palace of marriage with each other.

The intoxication of passionate love will bring us an illusion of intimacy and feel willing to give everything for each other, but this period of passionate love has a lifespan (average lifespan of 2 years), we will eventually return to the real world of marriage, there will be bumps, There is a quarrel. Why do some couples are full of love and maintain good communication after marriage for a long time, while some couples spend only two or three years in trivial matters and end up in divorce? The fundamental reason is that people speak different languages of love.Do guys like physical contact?

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5 love languages physical touch. Different people have different mother tongues, and some people have also learned a second language. And because of the difference in the environment we grew up, we also speak different “language of love”. The husband and wife use different love languages to communicate and express, just like we use different languages to communicate and communicate, which is full of confusion and incomprehension. Individuals get along with all kinds of problems. So the best solution is that we have to understand and learn the love language of our spouse.

5 love languages physical touch. How many kinds of love languages are there? If there are thousands of languages in this world, it would take a lot of time for us to discover the love language of our spouse.

In fact, it is easier to learn love language than you think. After many years of marriage research and counseling practice, the author has summarized five “language of love” applicable to ethnic groups with different cultural backgrounds. They are “affirmative words”, “exquisite moments”, “receiving gifts”, “acts of service”, and “physical contact”.

5 love languages physical touch. “Affirmative words” teach us how to “speak”. To sum up, it is to see the other person’s good points more and ignore the other person’s shortcomings a few; express verbal appreciation for the parts that like the other person, and suppress your anger and complaints when the other person’s doing things upset you.

5 love languages physical touch. When praising, use simple, frank, appreciative and affirmative words to express. Pay attention to the intonation and tone when speaking, and use the requested tone instead of the requested way to express your will.

When the other party has an idea, try to encourage him (her) instead of opposing it immediately and pour a basin of cold water on it. If the two parties have disputes because of disagreements, they should discuss the matter and don’t go over the old accounts. This is very offensive.

“Elaborate moments” teach us how to “listen.” It does not only mean that two partners stay together, but two people work together and give each other full attention and attention to each other’s emotions. Therefore, it is not considered a “careful moment” for two people to just sit on the sofa and watch TV, or when one party keeps answering the phone and handling business during a date.

5 love languages physical touch. When two people spend a “fine moment” together, the focus is to listen to each other patiently, hear each other’s feelings from the conversation, observe body language, figure out what you think of each other, instead of quickly interjecting, giving The other party has a solution or suggestion.

5 love languages physical touch. Of course, in the “exquisite moment”, we must also learn to express our emotions and thoughts correctly so that our spouse can better understand ourselves.

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“Receiving gifts” focuses on how to “give” gifts. First of all, we need to have a correct understanding of gift giving: a gift is a symbol of love and has emotional value. It does not matter whether the gift is valuable or not. The important thing is to let the other party remember you through the gift.

5 love languages physical touch. Savers may resist this way of spending money, but if the spouse’s love language is to accept gifts, then giving the right gifts under the understanding of your spouse’s preferences will be the best investment for your relationship. It is very likely that the other party will also take the initiative to understand your love language and repay your emotional needs.

“Serving action” means “doing” what your spouse wants you to accomplish. These actions include but are not limited to making a meal, washing clothes, mopping the floor, taking care of children, etc.

What is physical touch love language?These services require thought, time, effort and energy. However, the focus of “service action” is that the actor completes the service in a positive spirit to show his love for the other party, rather than doing things under the request and coercion of the other party. In this way, the experience of both parties will be very bad.

5 love languages physical touch. Learn to pay for each other with service actions, constantly review your own stereotypes about the roles of husband and wife, not have the idea that certain things must be done by men or women, and you must not blindly treat your parents The division of labor, getting along, and the role model are directly brought into their married life.

Why is some people’s love language physical touch?”Intimate contact” refers to the enhancement of mutual affection through the “touch” of both partners. The physical contact is both clear and subtle (naturally close together or hold hands), but in any case, touch the other person in a way that the other person likes, not in the way you think, otherwise you will be disgusted.

5 love languages physical touch. Compared with other types of love languages, physical touch is more difficult to request, which is neglected by the spouse, which leads to mental frustration, withdrawal, and loss of self-confidence on the demand side. So we need to be honest about the need for caress to our spouse and tell the truth in our hearts.

What is the opposite of physical touch love language?The author also answers common misunderstandings in the chapters at the end of the book, such as how to discover the love words of a spouse, whether a person’s love words will change in a lifetime, and whether the love words are gender-oriented.

Many men think that the language of their love is whether the physical contact is correct, what to do if the language of love does not work, etc., but I think that practice brings true knowledge, even if all these kinds of love language are tried with their spouse.

It will not pay a lot of time cost, and the observation of spouse’s behavior and thinking in the process of trial and practice are very helpful to the improvement of emotional intelligence.

5 love languages physical touch. In addition, some love languages can really be applied to parents, children, classmates, colleagues, such as “appreciation and praise” in affirmative language, “listening and focusing” in careful moments, serving The “giving and helping” in action, because some parts of intimacy are common.

Mastering and flexibly using love language can not only manage a good relationship between the sexes, but it is also a bonus for oneself to play other roles in this society.

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