A woman who knows how to play dumb in love is a wise woman

play dumb in love is a wise woman

Marriage is a science, and only by knowing how to get along can you lead a good life. There is no shortage of smart women in marriage. A woman who knows how to “play stupid” is the best. In front of a lover, sometimes a little “silly” can be cherished and loved by men.

This is “rare confusion”. Whether in life or marriage, you need this kind of wisdom to better maintain a relationship.

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Especially for long-term marriages, those who stick to the end are the real winners.

If you observe carefully, you can find that those marriages with broken relationships are often because they are true in small matters, holding on to each other’s shortcomings. After a long time, the other party will naturally resist and will also feel impatient. Such marriages are again How can you be happy?

A good husband is cultivated by lowering her posture and acting stupid. Women, be silly appropriately, obscure the little things, act spoiled occasionally, make life full of fun, and give a man a chance to show, he can pick you all the stars in the sky.

On the contrary, caressing may get a moment of satisfaction, but while winning, it has already planted hidden dangers for the love between the two.

Women who pretend to be stupid are more feminine. They know how to get along with their spouse and warm up the relationship.

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01 Understand to retreat into advancement, not to be aggressive.

A woman pretending to be dumb appropriately will make a man feel relaxed. When dealing with men’s weaknesses and shortcomings, don’t cling to them by pointing out their deficiencies and deficiencies with “clear mind”. In the trivial matters of firewood, rice, oil, salt, and trifle, men play tricks, women might as well laugh. Let a man cheer for his “little cleverness” and he will think his woman is silly and cute.


02 Let men have room to play.

As a male animal, men have a desire to control. This is instinct and you cannot deprive it. If you know everything in your marriage, then the man will be very disappointed and will feel so useless because he has no room to play. Therefore, we must cleverly give up the stage and give him a sense of accomplishment.

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03 Appropriately play the weak.

Women can be independent and strong, but you don’t have to express it deliberately. Your strength and independence should be externalized when you should externalize, but you should know how to converge when you should converge.

Always treat men like a teacher training students, it will make men feel rebellious. Even if you are right, it is difficult for a man to accept it. So you might as well act as a weak person in some ways, pretending not to understand, this can stimulate a man’s desire for protection.

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04 In life, low profile is a kind of wisdom.

If women are too smart in life, this will leave men invisible.

Pretending to be stupid is a realm. It is a privacy space left by a smart woman for men. If a woman is too smart to pretend to be stupid and break everything down, it is easy for men to alienate you.

Marriage sometimes does not have to fight for highs and lows, and it is not a shame to let the one you love win. If you care about it so much, you will not live happily, and you will often suffer from emotional torture. Maybe there is no such thing as love if you are too sober. A smart woman knows when to be satisfied. In other words, cleverness is not only reflected in intelligence, but more in mentality, having a good mentality for life.

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When you start to truly understand the meaning of acting stupid, your happy marriage is also in the bud.

In our life, we will meet countless people, watching countless ups and downs, watching endless divisions and recombinations, but there is only one person who really accompanies you to the end.

Of course, not all smart women are unhappy

What we want to say is that women should put aside their arrogance and conceit, to experience the true meaning of love, to enjoy the beauty of life, and to understand the psychological differences between men and women.

There is no right or wrong in family affairs, only harmony and disharmony can make everything happy. Home is a place of love, not a place of reason. There is no need to conquer in marriage, but understanding and humility.

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