How Aquarius man shows love?

How Aquarius man shows love

How Aquarius man shows love? Aquarius is very dedicated to feelings. As long as they really like it, they will not give up lightly. Even after the other party abandons them, they will wait silently. Here is how an Aquarius loves someone.

1. “Suppression” method

How Aquarius man shows love? Showing love to the person you like is a step-by-step thing in the eyes of Aquarius. They didn’t think they could succeed in showing love for the first time, nor did they plan to test each other’s minds again and again. Before the real confession, the Aquarius will have a process of “increase and suppress”, trying to suppress the opponent to remember him.

The “suppression” method is not to blindly belittle the people you like. Don’t forget that Aquarius people generally have high EQ. They know the sense of proportion in suppressing people, and they also pay attention to the balance between praise and suppression. This method can show unique charm, which can be said to be the opposite way of showing love.

2. Anti-traditional law

How Aquarius man shows love? Aquarius is often known for being anti-traditional and unorthodox. They don’t actually like change, but they are good at making some anti-routine behaviors under special circumstances. Rotten street way of showing love, old-fashioned confession, Aquarius will try to avoid it when showing love to others.

In terms of courtship, Aquarius likes to be the first person to eat crabs. Although the anti-traditional approach will be accompanied by a sense of unfamiliarity and unpredictable risks, this approach is also endowed with uniqueness and freshness, which makes it easier for people to feel their minds.

3. Harmony of words and deeds

How Aquarius man shows love? To show love to others, to put it bluntly, is to convey your love to others. Perhaps language is a direct way to convey love, but dedication in action is more convincing. Therefore, once the Aquarius expresses love verbally, then the action will not be delayed.

The unity of words and deeds to show love will reflect the Aquarius’s emphasis on commitment. If the show of love succeeds, they will achieve everything they promised; if the show of love fails, they will follow their own principles and stop disturbing and pestering each other.

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4. Cold first and then hot

How Aquarius man shows love? Aeolian people pay attention to interpersonal relationships, but they will maintain a sense of alienation from people who are not suitable for dealing with. In love, showing love to someone is a heart-to-heart process, and Aquarius people do not intend to take risks easily. Before the other person shows enthusiasm, the Aquarius will pretend to be cold.

Although indifferent cannot show affection, the hot and cold way can attract the attention of others. First use indifference to suffocate the other’s appetite, and then show enthusiasm and sincerity at the right time. A sense of difference in attitude is easier to enhance the attractiveness of Aquarius, and it is easier to show love and success.

How Aquarius man shows love? Aquarius is very dedicated to feelings. As long as they really like it, they will not give up lightly. Even after the other party abandons them, they will wait silently. The following is the love view of Aquarius:

1. Appearance is a bit indifferent

How Aquarius man shows love? The indifference and calmness they show in love. They are very good, but they never seem to burn, and they always behave very coldly.

Aquarius men are very sensible, even if they fall in love with someone madly, they won’t show much ecstasy. They want to be in an active position all the time. They don’t want to be manipulated by others, but they always want to manipulate others.

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2. Too much face

How Aquarius man shows love? Aquarius looks like a flower heart, but in fact it is very dedicated. The biggest weakness is that it is too face-conscious. When there is a misunderstanding quarrel with a lover, and the other party proposes to leave, he will not beg the other party.

Even if I really want the other party to stay, I dont know how to say it. I want to face and suffer.

3. Like simple love

How Aquarius man shows love? Aquarius likes simplicity, and especially dislikes trouble. He is an expert who is born to make overall plans. If others treat him well, he must be rewarded twice, but sometimes it is very casual.

The love of Aquarius likes to start with friendship. What they value is not whether the object is good or not, but whether it is talented, unique enough, and able to explore the big and small things in life with him.

4. Treat love very carefully

The heart of Aquarius is extremely intricate and difficult to see clearly, and many things need to be understood in reverse to be correct. Don’t think that his silence about previous romances is a perfunctory performance to you. In fact, he really cares about his pure situation in the eyes of the other party.

And if he takes the initiative to tell you a tear-jerking love story when the relationship is not deep, you should be aware that he just wants to play a fast-paced love game.


5. Everything is important to you

How Aquarius man shows love? The Aquarius man shows love every day. It’s hard to believe that they will be consistent after they like someone. However, in fact, if the Aquarius man likes you, he will become very serious and can’t help showing affection in the circle of friends.

Moreover, once the Aquarius man moves his heart, he will become a forgetful one. All his thoughts are placed on the person he likes, and his speech will be a little incoherent, which is completely different from the alert state of the day.

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