How to write a love letter to your crush

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How to write a love letter to your crush? Today, when talking about the logic of writing, I choose an “old” style as a case – love letter.

As a declining carrier in the process of courtship between men and women, love letters contain many ways of writing. Of course, if you can’t write an advanced love letter, I’m afraid you’re embarrassed to say that you can.

Here are some tips on how to write love letters

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How to write a love letter to your crush? 1To find out the object is to say something

How to write a letter to your crush: First of all, to clarify a misunderstanding: not good writing, can write a high-level love letter.

Before writing, we must make clear the characteristics of the audience, such as identity characteristics, personality characteristics, hobbies and so on. This is very important, because the versatility of love letters is too poor, you can not be like a resume as the sea investment, a love letter to the world.

For example, if you say “the gentleness of the bow is just like the shame of the water lotus in the cool wind”, it happens that the girl is so nervous that she can’t understand the true meaning of your sentence at all; If you say “would you like to be buried in my ancestral grave after you die” or “would you like to appear in my household register”, it happens that the girl is introverted and naturally feels that you are very vulgar.

It’s the same with writing. Before writing, you should think: who read this article? What kind of mood do I want the readers to reach?

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In the writing environment of love letter, specifically speaking, she is an introverted person, and my words are gentle; She is an extrovert. I am frank and enthusiastic.

Secondly, the writing of love letter needs to have substance. Most people pursue rhetoric. The other side can’t read any more. After reading for a long time, they can’t understand what you want to say. Because you have to be clear that not everyone has your literary literacy.

Many people are easy to make such mistakes in writing, but it is difficult to reflect the central idea.

How to write a love letter to your crush? 2Let go of self and return to readers

How to write a love letter to your boy crush: The biggest failure in love letter writing is that when writing, I am moved to cry, but when the other party reads it, I feel no pain.

Here, the fashionable point is the so-called user thinking.

What’s the purpose of your love letter? Move a girl! What’s the use of crying yourself?

There is a classic saying in marketing: “customers don’t want to buy a 1 / 4 inch drill, they want to buy a 1 / 4 inch hole.” It means that customers don’t care what the product is, they care more about whether their needs are met, whether their shopping is convenient, whether they can save costs and so on.

What do you mean? In the context of love letter, your love letter is not to express your love life and death, but to let the girl see some other information, such as: you can give her a hug when she is sad, promise to give each other a sense of security with your company, you can share sadness and joy with her at any time, and so on.

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Often the success or failure of a love letter is that the other party sees the value of your existence and the value it may bring, not the nutritious words like “I want to love you to death”.

How to write a love letter to your crush? 3Injection temperature, margin

How to write a note to your crush: Although your love letter may not bring tears to each other’s eyes, at least keep the temperature of the text.

The style of love letter originally comes with temperature and emotion. If you are too rigid and rational to write it as “product instructions”, it is mostly the result of coolness.

Wang Xiaobo’s “my ugly face, I smile when I think of you” is warm. Your words have to be empathetic and make the other person feel emotional.

Secondly, we should try to avoid “negative words” in love letter writing, such as “can’t do” and “not do” as “can do and should do”; Avoid “imperative words”, such as “must” and “must”. Do you love each other and ask them to love you?

These methods are also applicable in other writing. Keeping the necessary “lubricant” in writing is a reflection of high Eq.

How to write a love letter to your crush? Finally, when the love letter ends, try to keep space. Don’t be awe inspiring and aggressive. No one likes to be threatened or coerced to do things when the other party ignores you.

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