I know one thing that i love you

I know one thing that i love you

I know one thing that i love you. They said, the sea is the deepest in this world, clean and transparent, I think that is the eyes they have never seen before.

I love you, there was a torrential rain on the day I met you, as if it was going to rain the whole summer, and every day I spent with you was sunny.

I love you, I cannot be sure if you push me away, I can be sure that no matter how many times you push me away, I will come back.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, sometimes I hope your life can be made into a long movie. I was born a hundred years later than you. I only do one thing in my life. I sit alone in my room facing the screen on the wall, and spend my life slowly watching your life.

I love you. If you give me what I want from the beginning, then I will lose the reason to entangle you. You know, I have no extra story, and only you.

I love you. I have made two important choices in my life, one is the college entrance examination, and the other is which foot to take when sending you home.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, but in the end we will all grow up, from full of blood to gray hair, and eventually there will be younger generations to set off again, not begging to accompany you to the end of the sword, but never in you Strangle your horse when you set off.

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I love you, but we always use the most vicious words to hurt the one we love, and then use the deepest confession to recover. The feelings are torn and worn away in this cycle, and slowly become invisible, we Say goodbye in the roar like this, just like those good things never happen, everything will disappear, so is the feelings, everything needs to be guarded, especially the feelings.

I love you, I really want to support you for a lifetime. Summoners Canyon is too big, can you stay too far away from me, the head is yours, the buff is yours, the tower is yours, and all the economy is yours Yes, I dont want anything, as long as you live.

I know one thing that i love you. No matter whether we are together in this day or not, I also know that loving someone is a disaster, someone is born again after a disaster, and someone is inevitable.

Mom, I love you. The most beautiful love song I have ever heard is your lightly humming lullaby, and the most delicious delicacy is your grilled octopus. You use your gentleness all your life but you only hope that I will have no worries.

I love you, no matter how filthy the world is, how much hypocrisy and impure, I will be by your side, desperately giving you a blue sea and blue sky.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, I want to give you a Zhang Baitiao, and it says, I owe you a lifetime of gentle care for half a lifetime, in ten thousand years.

I love you, and I hope that the days to come are brand new, to record, to find, to dream, and I hope we can all be who we want to be.

I love you, I hope that when you leave, you can step on the landmine that I secretly buried, so that we can be together forever. Anyway, if you take a step, you will die, and I can’t live without you.

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I love you. When I wait for you, I feel that a day is not seen like three autumns, you smile at me, and I feel that three autumns have not been seen but a day.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you and want to share all the happiness in this world with you, even if you are tortured all over.

I love you, it was you who gave the beginning of the story too thrilling, and also made me forget to read it. Our ending is that we dont get in touch with each other.

Don’t forget that I love you, if one day you have nothing, I will be your last piece of luggage, and we will never see you again.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, I hope that all your tenderness can be exchanged for the deep feeling of the years, you don’t have to look back and help you.

I love you, and I regret that no one can prove it, but this love has been like a whale to the sea, like a bird throwing a forest, it is inevitable and irreversible.

I love you, don’t perform a life you are not good at for audiences who do not belong to you. Anyway, every time I meet behind the curtain, I will hold you in my arms with flowers.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, you spend half your life tenderly accompany me to bet, how can I let you lose.

I love you. After I die, I take my ashes with me, and when I meet a bad person, I will throw it out and let me protect you one last time.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, in order to find you, I moved into the eyes of birds, always staring at the passing wind, and forgot to listen to the gunshots of hunters.

I love you, even if you are as filthy as a hedgehog, I still embrace with both hands.

I love you, forgive me for only the courage to meet you, but not the ability to keep you.

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I love you, I have always loved you, but I occasionally like others after you leave, when they are like you.

I love you, I really want to learn a spell that can accompany you for a lifetime, even if it is your pet dog.

I know one thing that i love you. I love you, even if you are full of lies, there is still my infatuation that will not change.

I love you, please call me a Didi. The destination is in your arms. From then on, every scenery along the way is getting closer and closer to you.

I know one thing that i love you. If one day you feel that the more you love each other, the more an accident, then please quietly under the moonlight and find a boy to replace me.

I love you, if I can only give you a hug and don’t let go of your hand in this life, would you like to follow me.

I know one thing that i love you. If one day you can reform yourself, I will tell you that I love you.

I love you and hope that one day I can protect the crystal with you.

I love you, find a chance to return these three words to me.

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