If A Guy Doesn’t Text You For A Week, Do This!

If a guy doesn't text you for a week

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.If your boyfriend sees this article at this time, there may be a sudden wave of waves in his heart, and he is lost in thought: So I still need to talk to her every day!

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.To know the answer to this question, we must abandon our fixed thinking and think from the perspective of our boyfriend to understand him better.

After a day’s work, I even took a bite of dinner and took a look at the message. My girlfriend’s message has already been replied. Okay, continue to work overtime…

I’ve been busy for a long time, why didn’t my girlfriend send me a message today? I definitely don’t have time, so don’t bother her.

In fact, a man is not complicated, it is better for us to look at him with a simple mentality, maybe it will make the relationship more harmonious

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.Why do you think he doesn’t care about you?

You can throw away all the baggage and face the truth directly: what you think is that all the behaviors that men do to you “not good enough” are done by men after weighing the pros and cons in many ways.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.This question is very easy to explain. The investment and contribution of one person to another is a kind of cost.

For example, if he spends money to buy you the jewelry you want, he may not have the money to change himself to a new computer, or he spends one night chatting with you, and he may play two games less with his friends.

What you must understand is that when he spends time, energy, and money to “be nice to you”, he essentially separates out his own part of his own interests to please you. Maybe he is willing to give up a little bit of his own interest in order to promote and maintain the relationship with you out of his goodwill, but human nature is to spend the least cost to get the greatest return, so after he pays a certain amount, he will Trying to find a balance to protect their own interests and not continue to be invaded.

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If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.And you think that he is “hot and cold” or “not good to you before” because the balance he found is not acceptable to you. This may sound cruel, after all, every girl hopes that the man she likes can also love herself selflessly, instead of being so pretentious as I said.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.But in fact, the “unconditional and selfless love” that girls imagine may exist, but it will only appear after the relationship between two people stabilizes.

Some people say: Men and women chat to sleep with women, and women sleep with men to chat with them. Do you agree?

In the beginning, I fell madly in love with you and paid for you regardless of the cost. At this time, you should be careful.

Before all relationships have stabilized, there must be a process of mutual testing, screening, and gaming. If you skip this process, you are betting. Have you ever heard the saying that ten bets and nine loses?

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If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.If you can’t escape your feelings for him, find a way to hold him.

This strategy is very simple, with only two steps:

The first step is to show goodwill to the other party, seek cooperation, and don’t take the initiative to betray.

The second step is to repeat the other party’s behavior completely.

Very simple, but invincible.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.The advantage is that what it conveys is a kind of “sharp kindness.”

Your attitude is very sincere and friendly, but if the other party cannot give you the same feedback, you will also treat the person in his own way, making him feel the same amount of revenge, with clear rules and order.

In any kind of relationship, this is a posture that a strong person should have, which is enough to make you respected by your opponents and to ensure that you do not fall into passiveness in the game.

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To put it simply, when he is enthusiastic about you, you give him back with the same enthusiasm. If he is not good enough to you, you can also pay back his same indifference and disdain.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.It is a pity that when many girls are emotionally controlled, they often become the opposite of it-a man is indifferent to you, so you take the initiative to show favor, but he is enthusiastic about you, but you are holding your own “reserved.” .

The end result is that you personally made a wrong rule, allowing men to learn “how to be bad for you” subtly.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.So from now on, you must reformulate the rules of how you get along:

If he takes the initiative to talk to you, you will respond positively to him;

If he asks you to eat, you can ask him to watch a movie or go for a walk in the park after dinner;

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.But if he does not reply to your message, you should not reply to him again until he expresses enough sincerity to you next time.

Before long, men will realize your principles and realize that only by giving you enough attention and dedication can they continue to please you and allow your relationship to proceed smoothly and sustainably.

The principle is that you should make him feel that you need him, but you should not make him feel that you need him too much.

Why is it that you can easily reheat your relationship, but you can easily fall into the cold war again?

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.Because many women naively think that a good conversation this time means that he loves me very much and cannot do without me, so next time he should…

Then they began to relapse, repeating their previous behavior patterns, and finally the nightmare repeated itself.

In fact, half a year after success is a critical period of emotional vulnerability, and we must not take it lightly.


If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.Don’t think of a success as the end of a relationship, but as a starting point.

You also need to continue to improve yourself, you need to consolidate the relationship between each other under the guidance of your mentor, and gradually internalize the new way of getting along.

to sum up

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.A man will also expect you to be the girlfriend he wants to dream of. It is not simply expecting a return, but I hope you are a person who knows how to return. If they don’t ask for it, you don’t do it; if you ask for it, they don’t refuse.

If you don’t realize it, you will have a strong sense of need for him, and he hardly needs you.

Reshaping the sense of demand and increasing attractiveness is what most girls have to do at this stage.

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