Pure love and devotion

Pure love and devotion

Pure love and devotion. What is the most inspiring passage in the movie? What impressed me was that in Death Poetry Society, John Keating called on all students to tear up the book. He looked at every student in the class and talked about Whitman’s poems.

Pure love and devotion. “There is a constant stream of people without faith, the city is full of ignorance, what is the meaning of living in it? Self? Life? The answer is because of your existence. Because of your existence, because the great drama continues, because of you You can dedicate a poem.” Pure love and devotion. For you, what is the poem of your life? When John Keating asked this sentence, the childish and ignorant faces suddenly seemed to have content. What he asked was the group of young boys in the movie, and everyone who was watching the movie at the moment.


Pure love and devotion. I like Whitman’s poems, and I started from watching “Death Poetry Society”. The poem of the captain he wrote for Lincoln, the tragic cry is still in my ears; in the “Song of Myself” he wrote that I will stand on the roof of the world and make a wild cry; in the “Song of Joy”, he Said to leave this boring cookie-cutter streets, sidewalks and houses, sail into the sea.


Pure love and devotion. “Be a sailor of the world and go to all the ports.” Many of his verses were signed by QQ, but few people know that he wrote them.


There should be a selection of Whitman’s poems on every young man’s bookshelf. Even if you may not be able to appreciate the beauty of it for the time being, one day, perhaps on a very occasional day, you pick up this book from the shelf, follow the lines and follow him on the roof of the world, and walk into the mystery. In the depths of the sea, many problems in life suddenly became clear. Pure love and devotion.


Whenever I hear the beginning of Faye Wong’s “Legend” “just because I looked at you more in the crowd”, I think of Whitman’s love poem “A Glimpse”. Regarding the name of the poem, some translate it as “the crowd” In, I took one more look at you”, and some translated into “a glance”. “Amid the noise of people coming and going, drinking, cursing, and making dirty jokes, we sat there for a long time, contented and happy, rarely speaking, not even saying a word.

Pure love and devotion.” On a cold winter night, in a noisy bar, some people are driving vulgar jokes, drunk and noisy, and the atmosphere is so abrupt and discordant. We are sitting relative to each other, and it is beautiful without saying a word. “Casablanca”

Pure love and devotion. After reading Whitman’s love poems, it’s hard not to be moved by him. In fact, he has many admirers, but most of them are bitter loves. A female writer pursued him fanatically, which almost led to family disputes; even more famous is a British lady named Anne Gilchrist Female biographer, she admires Whitman deeply. She writes articles in the newspaper and praises Whitman’s works. She even came to the United States to “chasing stars”. In the past three years, she even chose to live in Li Whitman. Not far from Man. It’s just that Whitman never married. According to Peter Doyle, Whitman never got upset because of a woman. He paid great attention to spiritual purity.

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Pure love and devotion. Seeing Whitman’s photo, you may ask questions, is it not worth mentioning in the face of talent? But as for Whitmans appearance when he was young, although no photos were found, a few words can be found in his biography: He is a burly, elegant man, dressed in neat clothes, and has bright eyes. There is always a cheerful smile on his face. He often wears a tuxedo coat, a top hat, a cane in his hand, a lapel on the coat, and a corsage on the lapel. …”


Undoubtedly, he is handsome and elegant. He has a romantic nature. It is mentioned in the biography that he will slowly walk along Broadway to Batley Street, sit among the trees for an hour or two, enjoying the view of the sea. When writing a story, I would drink a cocktail while holding a white wax glass in my hand, and then slowly pass by Spruce Street. Pure love and devotion.


“Where there is soil and where there is water, grass grows wherever there is.” This is the meaning of Whitman’s masterpiece “The Collection of Leaves of Grass”. In “The Collection of Leaves of Grass”, it is not only the praise of freedom, nor is it just self-contemplation, it also cares about mountains and rivers, human love, this is a romantic poetry collection.

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Pure love and devotion. You will start to see mountains and rivers from his perspective, as if you smell a bottle of plant and flower perfume in your nose. The ancient forest, the weak grass, the flowers bloom in the forest, and a book of poems is placed under the tree. For a moment, you will feel that everything in the world comes for you.


“Song of Joy” is one of my favorite poems in the collection of poems. No matter when I read it, it is always happy and free after reading. The poem has the beauty of the sun’s twinkle and the undulating waves, and it flows down the St. Lawrence River. The grandeur seems to feel the joy of wading on the beach, running naked like a baby, dancing with wonderful music in front of the sumptuous banquet.



Whitman reminded us a hundred years ago that we should sing this joyous song in the dunya, and become the master of life, instead of being dominated by others. Nothing outside can dominate our inner thoughts and leave this boring one. Identical streets and houses, leaving this frozen land, looking and exploring the unknown world together on the deck.

Pure love and devotion. “Be the sailor of a world and go to all the ports.” This is Whitman’s attitude toward life and the motto of countless people in their lives. Only when you walk into the forest can you see the cedar swaying and growing, and when you walk into the sea, you can see the kite flying and leaping, and the fishing boats glowing in the middle of the night.

Pure love and devotion. Everyones life has infinite possibilities. Dont give up the beautiful mountains and lakes in your life. Pay tribute to Whitman. I hope this motto can remind you not to keep pacing and cowering in the safe zone. We can all be sailors in Whitman’s poems.

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