Is She Thinking About Me During No Contact

Is she thinking about me during no contact

Is she thinking about me during no contact?No one dares to say that they know someone 100%. Even a couple who has been married for decades has something unpredictable about him.

He is obedient to you on the surface, but you have no way of knowing what he is thinking in his heart. He is good at disagreement. What he says in his mouth is completely different from what he thinks in his heart. People often say that women have deep hearts, but are men easy to guess?

Is she thinking about me during no contact?Especially in the relationship, full of routines and lies. If you like this today, and fall in love with that tomorrow, you really feel his love, but this love, he also spread to many people at the same time, the indiscriminate sentiment is becoming a feeling The main theme of the world, how do you judge how deeply a man loves you?

Is she thinking about me during no contact?

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01 His cell phone


Is she thinking about me during no contact?If you still think that the mobile phone is just a simple communication tool, then you are too out of date. Nowadays, people go out without their mobile phones, just like people go shopping without clothes. No matter how uncomfortable, they will feel insecure if they can’t touch the square block in their pockets.

“Show me your phone or not” is a topic that will come up for hype after a while. In fact, most girls really have no interest in your phone. She just wants to see your attitude from these rough things. , If you show her grandiosely, she will not be embarrassed to turn it over. If you hide it, it means you have a ghost in your heart.

If he allows you to look at his phone at any time, it can be seen how loyal he is to you. He trusts you and sends a message to the sky, and he can’t find any moths.

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02 His friend


Is she thinking about me during no contact?Men’s friendship is pure and true. Once you are treated as a brother, you are a brother for a lifetime. Even if you lose contact now, I will do my best to help you whenever you need it, regardless of the end of the world.

A man is very affectionate and righteous. For him, a dead brother is more important than a woman. He will only introduce you to his friends when he loves you to the point where he has to. If you contact him without authorization His friend, then he must be very angry. A person’s social circle is also one of his privacy.

He takes you with him at all parties and introduces your identity to everyone seriously. It is not that he loves to a certain degree, he will not let you into his circle.



03 His Love History


Because I love him, I have a strong curiosity about everything about him, especially his relationship history. I want to know what happened between her and her ex. Even though you know you will be jealous, you still can’t help you want to know. heart of.

Is she thinking about me during no contact?He understands your mind, but no one wants to talk about the past. Don’t you still hate others to ask your ex-boyfriend? If you are willing to be honest, then he will naturally not hide it from you. It is considered to be exchanging secrets with each other. As long as you do nothing extraordinary, he will not take your past too seriously.

And a selfish man will not tell you a little bit of his past. He is just playing with you, so why give you too much clues?Is she thinking about me during no contact?

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Some boys with calm personality, those tired and crooked love words, it is really difficult for him to speak, he thinks that those are too exaggerated, he wants to give you real love, treatment that no one else has enjoyed, he is alone I gave it to you, gave you a preference that was visible to the naked eye, and others said that you were spoiled by him more and more arrogant.

These forbidden areas belonging to men, if they are not deeply in love with you, will not open the door to you at all.

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