Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

fuck me hard quotes

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her. you can only use your girlfriend, don’t tease someone else’s girlfriend, don’t come to me if you are beaten, haha.
01. The big man can bend and stretch, and the little girl can open and close.
02. Before meeting you, the mountain was a mountain. After meeting you, we will go to Wushan together.
03. There are clouds in the sky and fog in the forest. I have you in my heart.
04. As long as I can sleep to you, I agree to any posture.
05. Don’t complain, hug me.
06. I want to make fire on you and ignite this life.
07. Do you know why I apply body lotion every time I take a shower? I want to use the scent on my body to make you greedy me every day.
08. Which one do you prefer on January 1st and January 31st?
09. You have messed up my heart, when will you mess up my bed?

10. Want to be your cat, can be fed by you, and can sleep with you.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

11. I want to give you a lot of lipsticks so that you can pay me back a little every day.
12. Some things do not need to be done overnight, and we are not in a hurry, we can do them every night.
15. You come and go like the wind, my body is full and empty.

16, I want to be with you, um, ah, rain and snow, why don’t you hold me.

17. You are the morning dew, the evening star, and all my joy.

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18. What I hold in my arms, and what I press under my body are you.
19. I like your little blushing look, more like your breathless look.

20. In the dead of night, think of my husband secretly.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

21. The weather today is very good, suitable for playing and making trouble, more suitable for hugs.
22. If you want to go, I will trip you and hold your thighs.
23. I always say that my mouth is hard. If you don’t try it, how can you know whether it is soft or not, maybe it’s still sweet.
24. In order to save water, can I take a bath together in the future?

25. In the middle of the night, hungry and thinking of you have to endure.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

26. Only seventy things make me happy, one is you and the other is sixty-nine.
27. You are busy, when do you have time to sleep with me?
28. Remember to go home when you are tired. The meal is in the pot and I am in bed.

29. I want to do it to you, what spring does to the cherry tree.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

30. What kind of flowers are there to grow? Come and grow strawberries with me.
31. Don’t dream of me at night. There is a charge for chatting in the dream.
32. I’m a little tired today, I’m tired of everything, so let’s kneel down.
33. Do you know what kind of person I want to become? Become your person.
34. Eat snacks as you like. If you get fat, we will exercise together to lose weight.
35. Can’t tell where you are good, just want to see you take a bath.

36. I like to grow flowers, grass, and babies with you.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

37. What did he do to make you like him so much? “I”
38. You are my exclusive VIP channel, only I can enter, and no one else can enter.
39. Life, the two best things: sleeping with you and sleeping.

40. Don’t be discouraged, isn’t life like this? Go in and out inside and out.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

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41. Don’t ask me what I love the most. I love your tofu the most.
42. I’m so straight in the desert. The sunset over the river is the roundest.
43. My chest only lets you lean on, and my mouth only lets you kiss. You are tired, I am the harbor where you dock, and my shoulders are waiting for you to lean on.
44. Why do I stand alone every time I see you?
45. Let’s learn more, the kind that knows the roots.
46. It’s not just the sun that rises early!

47. I miss you, and I want to sleep with you. I want to wake up with you.

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48. My bed is not too big or too small, just right for you to sleep in

49. It is rumored that people have 206 bones. When I meet you, I have 207 bones.

Top 10 Dirty Fuck me Quotes For Him and Her.

50. Other people just want to sleep with you. I am different. Sofas, kitchens, and balconies are all fine.

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