What does entanglement mean sexually?

entanglement in relationships

What does entanglement mean sexually?After many people break up, there are three most common wrongdoing behaviors.

1. Anxious for success


What does entanglement mean sexually?Just after breaking up, I was eager to kneel and beg the other party to get back together. All kinds of phone calls, text messages, and WeChat messages are bombarded, forcing the other party to give you an answer. Often the more anxious you are to recombine, the lower the possibility of recombination.


2. Stalker


What does entanglement mean sexually?Lower yourself into the dust just to get him back; some people can’t accept the facts after breaking up, believing that they are not doing well enough, and then fall into deep self-blame emotions. In the end, he mistakenly believed that as long as he did not unconditionally please the bottom line, the other party would change his mind and return to his side.

Therefore, it is often seen that some girls give him food and gifts all kinds of entanglements where they work, no matter how bad the other person’s attitude is, she unconditionally endures them. I can change whatever you like. You think that with your humbleness, you can exchange love for the other person. You have to know that human beings are instinctive to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If you lower yourself like this, he will only make him despise you even more. Instead, he thinks that breaking up with you is a wise choice.


3. Excessive behavior


What does entanglement mean sexually?After they broke up, some people would cry, make troubles and hang themselves at every turn. Often threatened with suicide or various extreme behaviors. For example: If you don’t get back with me, I will die for you to see. I really can’t live without you. Threat and intimidate with the only sense of responsibility that the other person may have towards you.

Maybe some extreme behaviors can make him come over to see you right away, but nothing more, your extreme behaviors are not good for recombination, on the contrary, they will put a lot of pressure on the other party. Even in the later stage, as long as you hear news about you, you will instinctively produce resistance and terror. So what can we do to increase the success rate of compounding?


1. Control emotions;


What does entanglement mean sexually?If you want to compound, the first thing to do is to control your emotions, don’t let yourself be swallowed up by negative emotions, and make actions that are not beneficial to the compound. If you can’t even control your emotions, then you still want the other person to reconcile with you, aren’t you dreaming?

2. Disconnect;

What does entanglement mean sexually?We have to accept the fact that we have broken up so that the other person feels that you will no longer disturb his life. In fact, what we are using here is people’s loss of aversion. You think, no matter what reason you broke up, you belong to him. If you are still entangled with him now, he will subconsciously think that you still belong to him, just shifted your position. He doesn’t feel the anxiety of losing at all. Now you suddenly stopped entanglement with him, and told him that you accepted the fact that you broke up, and you won’t disturb his life again in the future, and hope that each will be well. At this time he will let go of his guard and resistance to you. And he will re-examine your relationship. Although he is still calm on the surface, in the subconscious, he has realized that he has lost you, and instinctively will feel loss aversion.


2. Establish secondary attraction;

What does entanglement mean sexually?When a person decides to break up with a person, the essential reason is that there are fewer things in your body that can attract him, or that someone with a better attraction than you has appeared. In love, if a person’s negative emotions towards you are higher than the positive emotions, then your relationship will definitely not last.


What does entanglement mean sexually?What makes a person feel positive about you is your own attractiveness and positive value. In fact, the best way to recover is to make yourself better. Only when you become better than before can you have a secondary attraction to him. Like comes from attraction, why a person likes another person is that there is something in another person that attracts him. And these traits that can attract the other person’s likes are often able to arouse positive emotions. No one likes a sloppy, negative life full of negative emotions. Everyone tends to like those who are beautiful, independent, capable and positive in life.

What does entanglement mean sexually?This is why the imperative compound methods of stalking, lowering their value, and extreme behavior often end in failure. You think he decided to break up with you because you are not so good anymore, and the positive energy in you that can attract him has diminished. Did you decide to be with you now because you got worse? Love is not for charity, it is more pitiful than no one else. So what we have to do now is to make ourselves better.


First, improve your appearance; try to make yourself more beautiful than before,


The second is to develop your own career; you have to do your job better and take part in more trainings that are conducive to improving your vocational skills.


Third: expand valuable interpersonal communication circle; enrich one’s spare time, expand useful social circle for oneself, and improve one’s social value. And you have to make these changes indirectly through the network social circle or your mutual friends to let him know.

What does entanglement mean sexually?Our purpose is to let him see how good you are now. Let him feel the sense of loss of you. This in turn encourages him to have a lot of positive emotions towards you. I feel that losing you is a loss. Under the impetus of this kind of emotion, I believe that soon he will be unable to bear the initiative to contact you. This is completely two concepts than you stalking and begging for him to reconcile. We use the method of attraction to let him take the initiative to find you to reconcile.


What does entanglement mean sexually?Fourth, recombination catalyst; when his emotions have been fully mobilized by you, this time is only the last catalyst for recombination. And how are we going to make this catalyst? It’s actually very simple. You can see that after the previous steps, he has actually been attracted again by the better you. It’s just that for various reasons, I haven’t made up my mind whether to come and reconcile with you. At this time, we have to use a psychological principle, which is competitive jealousy. At this time, you can post a sentence in the circle of friends: Am I going to stay in the past or start a new life?

What does entanglement mean sexually?Don’t worry that he can’t see your circle of friends news, most people’s instincts will pay special attention to their predecessors. . Especially now, when he has already had a lot of positive emotions towards you, he will always pay more attention to the dynamics of your circle of friends. Once the news of your circle of friends is posted, he will know in his heart that this is his best chance to save you. Because you are also confused now, trying to make a choice. Obviously the past refers to him, and the new life of course refers to other people besides him. If you have a catalyst for this picture, it is estimated that it will only take a minute for him to contact you.

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