Does my wife miss me during separation?

Does my wife miss me during separation

Does my wife miss me during separation? Couples, being together every day, for a long time, it is easy for them to feel bored, and they want to have their own independent space and let themselves be alone.

But if the couple are separated for a long time, many couples will not be able to endure the pain of parting and want to be with each other every day.

Of course, for many women, being able to be with her husband every day can at least guarantee her husband’s loyalty to herself to a large extent.

I often hear that “a man is a lower body animal”, even if he loves his wife in his heart, it is difficult to guarantee that a man will not betray him. After all, many times a man’s betrayal is just a momentary impulse.

So, for couples who have been separated for a long time, how long will a man’s tolerance limit be? Listen to what the men are saying, in fact, most women think wrong.


01 “Mr. Xiao, separated for 3 years”

Does my wife miss me during separation? Before I got married, my wife and I belonged to a long-distance relationship. We were in a long-distance relationship after being in love for 3 years.

Many people feel that if a man has been separated from his wife for a long time, he will definitely not be able to bear it. Even if he still loves his wife in his heart, he will not be able to control himself physically.

But what I want to say is that although such men exist, they do not represent the same for other men.

For me, as long as I still love my wife in my heart, I will not be too close to other women. Even if I get along normally, I will deliberately keep a distance.

Does my wife miss me during separation?

Although my wife is in other cities, even if she occasionally betrays her, she won’t know. But once you betrayed once, there will be a second time, you can’t control your behavior, and you will pay the price in the end, and what you lose will also be a hard-won marriage.

Some people think that if you are not with your wife for a long time, you will definitely not be able to bear it. In fact, as long as you learn to distract yourself.

Just like me, when I miss my wife very much, in addition to making phone calls and opening videos, I read books, listen to music, calm myself down, do what I like, and enjoy my time alone.

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02 “Mr. Lin, separated for 5 years”

Does my wife miss me during separation? After 3 years of marriage with my wife, I was transferred to a branch office elsewhere by the company. At that time, everyone was unwilling to go, and no one wanted to go so far away from home. Although the salary was high, no one chose to take the initiative.

At that time, my wife gave birth to a child and was unable to bring the child. My wife had to quit her job and become a full-time mother. All the financial pressure fell on me.

Does my wife miss me during separation? After discussing with my wife, I decided to obey the company’s transfer and go to work in the branch office, and I started to be separated from my wife and children for a long time.

When I first separated, I was quite homesick, and worried that my wife would be too hard at home alone.

Speaking of patience, what I can’t stand the most is that when my wife is alone, I can’t help, and naturally I don’t have the mind to think about other things.

It was really difficult at that time, but luckily it was already here. Perhaps some men find it difficult to hold themselves under such circumstances.

But if a man is wholeheartedly caring for his home and his wife and children, he will not have the thought of betraying his wife at all. He will only think about how to make more money and how to adjust the vacation to go home and see his wife.

Does my wife miss me during separation? After so many years of separation, I have done my duty well, try my best to save money, leave money to my wife and children, so that they can live a worry-free life. Fortunately, my children are now in school, and my wife doesnt have to work so hard. I have more vacations, so I can go back to see them often.

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03 “Mr. Qin, separated for 8 years”

Does my wife miss me during separation? My family is in the countryside. After my wife married me, she originally went out to work with me, hoping to buy a house in the city as soon as possible so that the children could have a place to study.

But after less than two years of marriage, the wife became pregnant, and our money was not enough to buy a house. At the beginning, we planned to put the children at home and let the parents help with the children.

But later, seeing the child’s pitiful appearance, the wife couldn’t bear it. After discussing it, she decided to stay at home and take the child. I went out to work alone.

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Does my wife miss me during separation? In order to prevent our children from being left-behind children, we have been in such a state of separation over the past few years.

During this period, watching other people having extramarital affairs, I almost couldn’t control myself. Once my mother sent me a video, it was my wife holding the child in one hand, and a bag of rice and a barrel of oil in the other. The wife’s hard work made me feel very sad, and my eyes were wet.

Does my wife miss me during separation? Since then, I have never thought about it anymore, I just hope to make more money, not to make my wife so hard, and to give my children better conditions.

In the hearts of many women, they always feel that once a man leaves him, it is difficult to clean himself up, and he will definitely give birth to some thoughts and unfaithful thoughts about marriage.

Does my wife miss me during separation? So, a woman in a marriage will guard against a woman, even if she can’t hold a man’s heart, she must guard a man’s body to prevent a man from being merciful outside.

What women don’t know is that in fact, most men understand that marriage is not easy. As long as they love their wives, they will do their part and will not do things that are sorry for women.

Even if separated from his wife for one year or two years, or even five years and ten years, men are the same.

Does my wife miss me during separation? Perhaps some men will be unfaithful to their wives as soon as they leave their wives. Such men, no matter how strict their wives are, they cannot prevent them.

The man who truly loves you, guards himself like a jade to meet you, and looks forward to the day when you get together.

Does my wife miss me during separation? A man who doesn’t love you, even if he promises on the surface that he will not betray you, but as soon as he finishes saying this, the man may go on a date with another woman.

The husband and wife are separated for a long time, and how long a man can endure depends on how long the man will love you.

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