Would you love me less?

Would you love me less

Would you love me less? I dont know if anyone has the same feeling as me. Every time I see a video invitation from my mother, I feel very anxious and irritable, and I cant be very patient when I pick it up.

I love her very much, but the love she gave me makes me feel very suffocated.

Would you love me less? Every time I make a video with her, my tone must be like a chicken blood, in a particularly excited state, otherwise my mother will keep asking me why I am unhappy?

But thats my natural state. Im 31 years old. I cant be so excited all the time. I feel so tired from videos with her, and Im always hanging up. Every time I tell her you should rest early, she always There will be another topic. Almost every ending will force me to be impatient, and start to get angry to end this conversation. In the end, I also blamed myself, and it took a long time to calm down before I could sleep.

Would you love me less? She likes to participate in my love. If I am a little bit unhappy, she will ask me if I have quarreled with him. If I say no, she will ask why I am unhappy. It must be a quarrel. This time What’s the reason? Your personality has to be changed. It’s too anxious…

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 I broke up later, and she immediately wanted to introduce me to her boyfriend. I was patient and said yes. If you think its okay, just push me on WeChat. I dont need to go through and Ill agree and tell me later. I learned a lot about the man’s situation, and he said it very well, but I didn’t believe it later.

 If I dont contact her for more than three days, she will send a voice message. The content is the same every time: Mom, old boy, why havent you contacted my mother for so many days? What are you busy with? Whatever I answer, there will be N questions waiting for me, which is really broken.

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Would you love me less? I went to the hospital to check for anxiety, and the diagnosis was mild anxiety plus depression, and depression was more serious. My symptoms are more severe every night, especially on weekends.

Would you love me less? Its better during the day, especially when Im with my colleagues on weekdays. So I chose to send her a video on the way to work on weekdays, or send her some of mine. Fragments of life, cooking, weather, videos of learning to swim, etc.

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 The anxiety is coming again. Every time she praises me, I feel uncomfortable. For example, I posted a video of me learning to swim. I just took 4 lessons, and the kind with a kickboard tied around my waist. , She would say, it’s so good-looking, too amazing, mom and old boy, he swims like an athlete.

Would you love me less? This feeling is too horrible, I don’t know how to talk to her, the way she talks to me, I always feel that she treats me as a three-year-old child.

Would you love me less? I also tried to communicate with her about this issue, but after talking for a long time, the result of the communication turned out to be that she told me: OK, if you dont contact me in the future, I wont contact you. I will not contact you anymore. Then I started crying…

Would you love me less? I dont know what to do, Im afraid of hurting her by saying something, and even more afraid of her excessive care and love……

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