How do you chase the girl

chase the girl who just broke up

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?The girl you like for a long time finally broke up with someone else! You wanted to chase her before, but someone has a boyfriend, and now she just broke up, it’s a good time to pursue her! So, how long is it appropriate to chase after her breakup? Look down, let you know how to chase the girl who just broke up!


1. Take the initiative to break up

The girl took the initiative to break up for two reasons: one is that the boy has always been the girl’s spare tire, just a spare. If the conditions are better than him, he will naturally break up. Those who broke up for this reason cannot be chased, because she broke up with a purpose, and people have already found the next one, so you can’t get her eyes.


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How do you chase the girl who just broke up?Second, the girl found that the values of the two people were different. She could not accept the values of the boy. For example, she didn’t care about hooking up with other girls, or the boy had habits that she could not bear, such as snoring while sleeping. In this case, the girl who broke up is best to start, because at this time she has no next goal, it happens to be her empty window, thinking of her ex-boyfriend’s good but not wanting to look back. At this time, she most needs a new relationship to enrich her own life. Because this decision was made suddenly, girls are more negative and seek help. It is easier to start at this time.

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2. Passive breakup

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?There are two reasons for girls being dumped. One is that the man took the initiative to bring up the breakup, and the other is that the man was not serious from the beginning, but chased the girl with a playful attitude. The girl who just broke up passively is depressed. If you immediately launch an offensive at this time, a woman will treat you like a trash can, but it will be counterproductive. She will not think of the love between you. If you succeed in chasing her, you will not last long, because you are just her transitional product. It is easy for the ex-boyfriend to chase her in turn, because she still likes him, and all the things she has paid for this ex-boyfriend have not been obtained. The return is naturally unwilling.


Having said the reasons why so many girls broke up, how do you pursue the girls who broke up? Let’s talk about it below.


One. A lot of company

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?Because the girl just broke up, the girl’s inner mood must be low. It must be unaccustomed to go from the sweetness of the two people to the loneliness of one person. This environmental change can sometimes be greater than the psychological trauma caused by a breakup. At this time there is nothing better than having someone by your side at all times, so at this time, you should stay with her in as many ways as possible.


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two. Side knock

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?The easiest way to chase a girl is to get to know the people around her, such as her friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. Talk to them about the girl you like, and maybe you can find out what news she likes to eat, her favorite color, etc. If this strategy is successful, wouldn’t it be easier for you to chase her?


three. Give comfort appropriately

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?The silent company and timely appearance by her side will bring her great comfort, especially when she is alone and helpless when she is feeling frustrated. So, when she was sad because of her last relationship, don’t be jealous, don’t say something annoying, just stay with her silently.


four. Make chance encounters

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?As mentioned in the second article, you can inquire about her relatives and friends. You can ask her where she likes the most and where she often goes shopping. After you get this information, you can make some encounters to express to her. Your inner emotions, of course, you can create more chance encounters to express your feelings.


Fives. listen

How do you chase the girl who just broke up?Just tell the troubles when you are in a bad mood. This is not to say that she became a resentment after the breakup, it is just a way for her to vent her inner emotions. You have to be fortunate, because a girl is willing to tell you what is in her heart, then it shows that you have a sense of trust in her than others. At this time, all you have to do is listen silently, don’t talk, and don’t persuade her, just wait for her to tell her all bad emotions. After this, you will leave a deep impression on her.

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How do you chase the girl who just broke up?I used to not want to surrender my sincerity for fear of being hurt. Later, I had no scruples and gambled on the sincerity of that person. Now she laughed and I was tired. How do you know that she loves me and pets me like she did at the beginning. It turns out that when you bet everything, you will win the true love of the world. She was also reluctant to give up, and when I finally won, she was even more reluctant to make her sad.

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