Corny love quotes

Corny love quotes

Corny love quotes. In the long river of time, I know that hiding likes in the deepest place is the perfect ending.

Corny love quotes. Because I don’t think anyone hates it. Out of male instinct, I like most girls. But what about it, the people walking by, don’t have any interaction with your world. Tiredness, the exhaustion of maintaining a relationship, makes me more willing to quietly watch comics and jumbled magazines, and try something out of it. It is also an appreciation for myself.


Corny love quotes. When I was in elementary school, when I was the most stupid, my brain was like a cat surrounded by thick fog and could not find an accurate path. Or maybe it was because I was bitten by a dog when I was a child, and I almost became a dog, and my mental development was retarded. The liking at that time was nothing but being shy after looking at each other, blushing and unable to be oneself, conforming to low EQ, and not responding to ambiguous expressions of love. How many people are there? Corny love quotes. But what I know, as long as I hide the like in my heart, whether it is uncomfortable or sad, the like will dissipate after a while.

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Corny love quotes. When I was in junior high school, I had too much sleep and the pain of being obsessed with my classmates in elementary school. For a long time, it was my happiest thing to ride a bicycle home quickly and watch cartoons tirelessly, probably because I talked less. I don’t take the initiative, and rarely like and know the situation of others. Then I liked a certain girl. Well, it can be considered the first time I like it thoroughly. Although the other party is very gentle to me, it is only to a classmate or a friend. Corny love quotes. Because, she also has another him who likes each other. No way, then for a long time smiling at others, but crying like a silly dog.


Corny love quotes. Because of poor grades, I went back to my hometown to read. I have to say that it feels great to have living expenses without my parents, and I feel a lot more confident with the money I can control. No one cares anymore, but there are fewer people I like. Maybe the environment is different, and there are not many girls who can dress a little in my old home. Of course, there is also a girl who I like. However, the end is to become the best friend of the other person. At that time, I watched her and another boy in the same classroom every day. It didn’t feel like a normal sadness, so what can I do? Well, who told you the wrong way. Corny love quotes. The pain lasted until I broke all contact for a year or so before I realized that I had really forgotten.

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I got into a sister, but in a different place, it was the first time I fell in love, tossed, and broke up for about four months. At first, the heart throbbed frequently, and then gradually decreased to nothing. When you see something you like, just keep it in your heart. Corny love quotes. The older people are, the lazier they are.


What you like may not be suitable for you, temporarily unavailable or it is very laborious to get; what is suitable for you may not be as good as the former, giving up the one you like and choosing the one that suits you will always feel unsatisfactory and not what you want. I don’t know, is it possible to understand this way?

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In fact, this is an ingenious dialectic of vested interests and long-term interests, and it is different from the simple relationship between short-term and long-term.

Take me as an example. Before, I was hovering between such a dilemma. Whether it should achieve short-term results or put a long line to catch the big fish, which is suitable and liked. Most people dont fall into the trap, choose the ones that are suitable, and then work hard to find the ones that they like, and finally find that the ones that are suitable are the ones that are liked. The so-called likes are just a kind of personal spiritual chicken soup. In short, what suits you is the right truth! What you like will take you into endless torture.

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