Does She Miss Me After No Contact?

Does she miss me after dumping me

Does she miss me after dumping me?After you understand a woman’s psychology, you also need to know what you should do with regard to the woman’s psychology at different stages.


1. Accept the fact that you broke up

Does she miss me after dumping me?After you confirm that the woman really wants to break up with you, the first thing you have to do is to accept the fact that after breaking up, you are strangers and have nothing to do with you. So, no matter what she does, what she says, or even dating another opposite sex, it has nothing to do with you. You should treat her as a stranger, and stop restricting her as a lover. Otherwise, the more you restrict her, the more she will resist you.


2. The basis of recombination is to have a good mentality

Does she miss me after dumping me?Accepting the fact of breaking up is actually asking you to have a good attitude. The mentality may seem inconspicuous, but in fact, the success of the recovery depends on whether your mentality is stable enough. Without a good attitude, no matter how many skills you have, the effect will be greatly reduced.

The core point of mentality building is to control your emotional needs and compound needs. Don’t expose your sense of need at any time, and don’t let a woman feel that you are anxious to save her, that will only scare her away.

Many people clearly know this truth, but still can’t control themselves. Such people are very fragile in their hearts and not strong enough, so they will pay special attention to others, regard her as particularly important, and have a particularly strong sense of need. Once you take her too seriously, it is difficult for you to be free and easy. As everyone knows, a woman is like sand in your hand, the tighter you hold it, the faster it will drain.

If you can’t control your mentality, the simplest and most effective way is to distract and enrich your life. You can expand+ your circle of friends, gather with friends more, focus on work, or you can keep fit and get a sweaty exercise. In short, it is to enrich life. When your life becomes colorful, naturally, you will reduce your emotional need.

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3. Disconnected refrigeration, control the sense of demand

Does she miss me after dumping me?When you understand the psychology of a woman when she just broke up with you, you know how important it is to do this. Hang the woman for a while, let her calm down, and at the same time, let time dilute her negative impression of you. Only when the woman’s mood calms down, your recovery action will have a positive effect. Many people will ask: How long should I leave a woman alone? The time is definitely different for different breakup situations. Here is a judgment signal: when a woman becomes active on social platforms and in the circle of friends, it proves that she has come out of the shadow of the past. At this time, you can begin to slowly appear in her life.

One thing to note is that to hang a woman for a period of time, on the one hand, is to dilute her negative impression of you, on the other hand, to prove your value to a woman. You are not the kind of stalker and she must . However, you can’t let a woman feel that you are not at all sad about her leaving. Otherwise, a woman will think that you never loved her at all, which is even worse for the later recovery.

Therefore, in front of a mutual friend, you should be sad as well. In a circle of friends, you should be sad as well. However, you can’t take the initiative to contact her.

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4. Self-reflection, analysis of the past

Does she miss me after dumping me?What should you do while you are hanging a woman? You need to remember how you got along in the past and reflect on yourself. From your acquaintance to passionate love, to dullness and quarrel, think about what you did and said at the time. Will these hurt each other’s heart? Reflection during this time is very important, because the premise of a woman’s promise to reconcile with you is that you know that you have done something wrong and can really correct it.

Does she miss me after dumping me?After the reflection is over, you will have two mindsets: either self-blame or blame. These two mentalities are presented in psychology as two attribution modes: internal attribution and external attribution. Internally attributable people will attribute the emotional failure to themselves, and externally attributed people will tend to attribute the failure to others or external factors.

In fact, internal attribution is a positive attribution model. Self-reflection is conducive to progress and growth. However, you may have your own grievances, such as she does not understand you enough, she is too willful, etc., but after all you still want to To save it, although not all of the reasons for your breakup lie with you, you still have to take on the part that you should bear and reflect on yourself more.

You have to realize why a woman broke up with you, find out the main reason for your breakdown, find out your shortcomings, and then make changes. It should be noted that this change must be an essential and real change. It must be a continuous change in the future, rather than returning to the original state after a period of time.

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5. Self-investment to enhance the sense of value

Does she miss me after dumping me?Do you know what is the core competitiveness of men in relationships? It’s not how good it is for women, but it depends on whether his own value can attract women. Because it is absolutely impossible for a woman to fall in love with a man because of his kindness, but to be deeply infatuated with him because of worshiping a man.

Does she miss me after dumping me?If you want a woman to look back, you must make her feel regretful and leave you. People tend to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. When she feels that leaving you is a loss, she naturally wants to return to you again. How can we make her regret it? The answer is to make yourself better. Spend more time and energy to invest in yourself. Exercise regularly, work hard, read more books, and go for more walks. When you are excellent, in the eyes of a woman, your charm will naturally increase.

When you get better and better, the circle of friends becomes more and more exciting, and even different opposite sexes start to appear around you. Women who once owned you will have a strong jealousy and unwillingness, and will have the urge to own you again. It will even take the initiative to save you.


6. Make good use of words to break through the window of reconnection

Does she miss me after dumping me?After you go through the above stages and get in touch with her again, all you have to do is to show your changes and values in the chat, win her favor, and fight for the chance to get back together.

The first sentence of your reunion is very important. How should it start? To teach you a little trick, you can observe her social dynamics in advance to see what she has been up to recently, and then you can talk about topics related to her in your first sentence. For example, if you find that she often takes fitness photos recently, you can say, “Hey, when I was working today, I passed by a fitness center and it seemed to see you.” People will be curious about topics related to them, which will arouse her desire to ask you in detail.

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Does she miss me after dumping me?Another technique is that you can seek advice through the “exuse contact method” to re-establish contact with her and gradually test the other person’s attitude towards you. But you must pay attention to asking some valuable and competent questions that the other party is good at. Do not ask questions that can be found by Baidu. This will only make the other party annoy you more. For example, if her job is finance, you can say, “Recently, the child of my relative’s family is going to apply for a volunteer. This child wants to learn finance. I want me to help you inquire about the prospects and application requirements of this industry. Is it professional, can I give some suggestions? I will talk to them and invite you to dinner later to show my gratitude.”


7. Create chance encounters, reshape attractiveness

Does she miss me after dumping me?In addition to cell phone chat, you have to create more opportunities to meet and improve your relationship. Here are a few tips. You can use excuses to pick up the things left with her, or wait for her on the way she must pass, such as her commute to get off work, the supermarket she often goes to, the park downstairs, etc. You have to pretend to meet by chance.

After a successful meeting, you can slightly show the sadness of seeing the old friend again, but you must not be decadent or negative. Instead, you must seize the opportunity to show your value and change. Remember not to be too deliberate, but to reveal it inadvertently. That kind of feeling will make women more convinced.

At the same time, you have to remember that in the early contact, you must accept it as soon as you see it. When you chat, don’t keep chatting with women forever, and don’t look reluctant to leave after you meet. Take the initiative to evacuate generously, so that the woman feels that you are very busy and you have not stayed in the past. Believe me, no woman can stand this high-profile recovery.

Salvation is not by begging, but by your charm and value to attract women. When you are able to attract a woman again, the subsequent recovery is a matter of course, and even, she can’t help but take the initiative to find you to get back together!

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