f A Guy Doesn’t Text You For A Week, This Is What You Need To Do

If a guy doesn't text you for a week

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.Remember: When a man no longer responds to your message, it is his loss, not yours.

The best friend met a man who made her dizzy with a smile. This man talks humorously and has an educated gentleman. The most important thing is that the two people like things. Often throughout the night, his girlfriends will exchange messages with him, as if there are endless things to say. Soon after, the two men formally established a relationship between boy and girl friends.

One day, as usual, my best friend sent a message to this man. He usually returned in seconds, but did not reply for a long time. A few hours later, my best friend chased and sent two more, still sinking into the ocean, as if the world had evaporated.

I met a man who fits well and thought he had established contact with him. Suddenly one day, he never contacted you again. For women, nothing is more frustrating. If so, then this man happens to be your boyfriend.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.No woman can bear this kind of ups and downs like a roller coaster.

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If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.The message is not returned, is it because the phone is out of power? The phone was stolen? No signal in the mountains? There are not so many coincidences. In most cases, I saw it but didn’t want to return.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.Why do men stop replying to messages? In order to explain this question that lingers in women’s minds, we asked some male friends who asked not to be named but gave their own explanations. On this basis, we concluded two reasons.


1. Reason 1: He doesn’t want to see you anymore

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.If a man remains silent on a woman’s message, it is likely that he just wants to play, and if he gets tired of it, he will break up through this means of disappearing.

This behavior is cowardly and scumbag. It’s good to see the true face of the scumbag as early as possible, you deserve a better man.

Here are the original words of this group of male friends who did not want to be named for the reason “he doesn’t want to see you anymore”:

A man wants to end this relationship, but he doesn’t have the courage to speak directly, so he chooses to use this method to force you to break up first.

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.When I want to break up, I will do this, avoiding all the information of my girlfriend.

This man doesn’t like you as much as you think. You were a little bit passionate before, but that’s okay, at least you can get out in time without wasting each other’s time.

He just doesn’t like you, but if he likes a little bit, he will reply to the message.

There are many reasons, maybe I never liked you at all, or there may be someone I like more.

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2. Reason 2: His mind is immature

If a guy doesn’t text you for a week.This man wants to communicate with you in depth, but he doesn’t know how to communicate and doesn’t want to learn to communicate, so he chooses the simplest and rude cold treatment method and escapes like a child.

Here are the original words of this group of male friends who did not want to be named about the reason “his mind is immature”:

If I am attracted to other women, I may temporarily put my current girlfriend or ambiguity aside.

Maybe after a while, he will suddenly contact you again, and then talk about a bunch of reasons. But for now, disappearing out of thin air can only show that this man is completely immature and not worth relying on.

If I don’t reply, I probably don’t know how to reply.

The only time I ignored my girlfriend’s message was because she wanted to talk about something very important, but I was not ready yet.

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Maybe he thinks that not responding to messages and making his girlfriend anxious is a cool and status quo behavior, maybe he is betting with his brother.

In any case, if a man really cares about you, he will overcome all difficulties and reply to your message. If he always disappears like this, either because he doesn’t love you, or because he is immature. For whatever reason, one should not be tolerated and forgiven. Because this is the most basic respect a man has to his own woman. Without respect, this man shouldn’t.

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