How to ask a guy for his number?

How to ask a guy for his number?

How to ask a guy for his number? Have you ever tried love at first sight? Have you ever had a crush on a girl who has never spoken? Have you ever tried to look at a girl silently but don’t know what to say?

Every day you will pass by many people, and that person may become your friend or confidant.

Do you really want to miss it? Okay, today I will tell you how to strike up a conversation and ask for a number.

First of all, there are a few essential requirements to strike up a conversation on the street

1. You need to be courageous and have the belief that you dont hit the south wall and dont look back. Go up and chat with your favorite girl.

2. Dress appropriately and behave well. If you wear sloppy clothes and look like a wretched man, it would be nice for a girl not to say you are harassing.

3. Be polite. Regardless of whether you are going to ask for a number or being rejected by her, you must be polite. After having these three basic elements, OK, then the next five steps are to strike up a conversation

1. The first step is to stop the opponent while attracting her attention. Method: I personally dont recommend that when you are walking face-to-face, you should go straight up and strike up after seeing the person who strikes up. Because this is very reckless and suddenly disrespect of the other persons performance, so we can change the beginning of the strike up to the following Scene-tap the girl from behind, let her turn around and talk to you.

If you are walking face-to-face, wait until the two of you have passed by before you chase her (this time your opening statement can become “Hi, hello, we just passed by”). In this way, you can naturally (not recklessly) attract the other partys attention while intercepting the other party.

2. For this kind of abrupt practice, the girl first thinks about whether you want to recommend a product to her or what information you want you to fill in. You have to dispel this idea first, you can say: You may think that I am selling insurance, but I am not.

3. Make girls embarrassed to refuse you. For example: “I was going to find a friend, he invited me to dinner, but I saw you, so I ran over to get to know you”, or “I was going to the parking lot and I suddenly saw you , I will get out of the car and come over to talk to you.”

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4. Propose the exchange of contact information. Regardless of whether the girl says Yes or No, dont worry about her. You just have to insist on saying that you want to speak by yourself. Here are some small obstacles that we may encounter. For example, the girl says “This is not the right thing.” Okay”, you must not reply to her “It’s okay, it’s fine…”. If I were you, I would say “I might be leaving in a while, or we should meet and make friends”, and should use a leading attitude to say “I’m leaving soon, let’s exchange a WeChat account.” , You add me or I sweep you”.

5. Exit. Regardless of whether you want to get the number, you still have to respond to her politely, with a compliment or a normal greeting. If you want the number, you can say: OK, then I will contact you on WeChat. (Follow us if you like hot girls, please follow us on WeChat public account: liaomeidk hot girls)


To strike up a conversation is not simply to ask for a phone call, but to establish the smoothness of contact with the other party in the later stage of the call. Therefore, you must be clever and natural to know the opposite sex, so that you can leave the other party with excellent results at the beginning of the conversation. Impressions, and as a whole set, you can connect with each other from the beginning to the back, and then have a lasting relationship, so that your relationship can move forward naturally.

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