How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her

How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her

In today’s society with developed network information, there are many software for chatting and making friends, and you can even have a beautiful love without meeting. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

These chat and dating software are equivalent to a panacea for many single young men and women, but they have successfully let many single dogs get out of the singles. Since we are talking about some chat and dating software, it must be indispensable to chat online with the people you like. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

How to chat with the girls they have a crush on has always been a difficult problem for boys. Especially when chatting with the girls they have a crush on, the girls always behave indifferently, which makes it difficult for the boys. What if your crush girl is cold when chatting with you? As long as you understand these three chat “cunning tricks”, then she can’t help but chase you. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

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1. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her: humorous trick


Many girls tend to prefer boys who like humor. If you happen to have such a skill, it will be a bonus for you. However, this humor is also required. It is not the so-called kind that makes girls laugh with their mouths full of meat. This is too vulgar. Since you want to be humorous, you must have a level of humor, so that girls can indulge in your humor unknowingly. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

When chatting with our crush girls, we can use the technique of “exaggeration + irony + pride and fun” to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and let the girls gradually fall in love with you. When girls like to chat with you, then you have already succeeded more than half. However, the humorous chat method is not suitable for all girls. It should be combined with the actual situation and adopt different chat methods for different girls. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

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2. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her: emotional mobilization method


Girls are often emotional and easily emotional. Even when a boy does a small and seemingly inconspicuous thing for her, as long as the boy does it for her alone, the girl is likely to be moved. She burst into tears, which is precisely the reason why boys do not understand why girls shed tears when they are happy. Many girls are particularly fanciful and emotional, so you should pay attention to creating a good chat atmosphere when chatting.

When chatting with a girl who has a crush on, the boy will be more excited and nervous, and it is easy to make mistakes when nervous, and even say something that makes the girl feel nonsense. It is strange that such a chat does not end early. Because girls are emotional animals, you can adopt the method of emotional mobilization, which is to create an atmosphere when chatting. This atmosphere is not created casually, and you should create it according to her preferences on the premise that you fully understand her. Such a chat will be more effective.

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3. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her: the principle of relationship determination


According to the traditional practice in the past, few people would choose to establish a relationship with the other party in a chat, and would always find ways to make an appointment with the other party, and then speak in person. If you behave well while getting along with girls, it will be easier to chase after. But in today’s network-developed society, it seems a bit too troublesome to ask people out in person, and some people are not even in the same place, so it’s even more difficult. It’s better to confirm the relationship directly in the chat Up.

How to determine the relationship in the chat? Next, I will teach you a trick. You can implant couple scenes in your chat with her, guide them towards the lovers, and slowly induce girls to confess to you. But if the girl hasn’t acted for a long time, and you can see that she has that intention, then you can seize the opportunity to confess. There is a saying that the opportunity is not to be missed, and the time does not come. If you seize this opportunity, you are most likely to succeed. How to make a girl chase you by ignoring her?

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to sum up:

When you are chatting with your crush girl, if you use one of the above three coups, then she will be able to catch you. Chatting is really an art. Having a good way of chatting will add a lot of points to yourself, whether in love or in your career, this is very helpful to yourself.

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