How to meet a girl if you are shy

How to meet a girl if you are shy

How to meet a girl if you are shy? Regarding the question of self-confidence, many friends have asked me how to find self-confidence!

In fact, self-confidence must be given to yourself. Everyone has different personalities, different conditions, and different reasons for inferiority. It is not easy to generalize.

But the most basic point is that, as I said above, I love myself! As I said, you dont even love yourself and dont cherish yourself. Do you still expect others to love you? What does it mean to love yourself? The most important aspect is that you should never do anything that makes you wronged!

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How to meet a girl if you are shy? No matter how much you love a girl, you can pay for her, but once this pay exceeds your bottom line, you tell yourself and tell her, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this !”

I remember that a little boy on Zhihu asked me that he likes a girl, no matter whether he is busy or not, he chats with the girl every night, and the chat is very late.

How to meet a girl if you are shy? But when he proposed to the girl that the relationship should go further, the girl either thought about him or declined. He asked why this is?

I told him: Then you try, next time you chat, you just tell her, Im sorry, today Im tired and I dont want to chat. If you send a red envelope, I can barely chat with you for another half an hour. Don’t talk too much!

How to meet a girl if you are shy? But he said he didn’t dare, he was afraid that if he said so, the girl would be upset and ignore him.

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This is a typical compromise! You obviously chat with her every day, but she is not willing to give affection, but you still accommodate this girl, wrong yourself, then you should be a spare tire!

To say something very cruel, do you think you have any technical content in chatting with her every day? Do you think other silly masters can’t do it? Do you think you are the only one who chats in this world? ! Can she change to another one? !

How to meet a girl if you are shy? So you have to tell that girl, although every man can chat, but I am unique. Since it is unique, you can’t give more! If you want to talk more, you have to pay the price! To make an inappropriate analogy, they are all goods, I have my own brand, I sell in limited quantities, and I have gold content.

How to meet a girl if you are shy? Others are called big street goods, I call luxury goods. Every girl likes luxury goods and doesn’t like big-ticket items. If you first achieve “I am not wronged, I will not lower my bottom line”, at least you will not lose confidence.

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How to meet a girl if you are shy? Secondly, to build self-confidence, you can give yourself a small goal first. It’s not that you make one hundred million! First give yourself a small goal that is easy to accomplish. Because people’s inferiority complex is not formed in a day. There may be family reasons, education since childhood. It is not a day to build self-confidence. For example, if you are fat, you are not in good shape, and you have low self-esteem, then don’t think about becoming a walking hormone in one month or two months. Can we start with the small goal of losing 5 catties in one month? Is it okay to start eating less than two bites of rice a day?

Don’t worry, come a little! For another example, you feel inferior because you have no money. Then I will start from today, can I increase my account by 200 yuan a month? Is it difficult? I haven’t found a way to make money now, can I start with a little bit of throttling?

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How to meet a girl if you are shy? Or, I dont have money, I dont have a big body shape, Im shy, I just dont dare to chat with beautiful women. Then you first arrive at the unit every morning, and say “you are early” to a strange and beautiful girl, OK? If you don’t need to be a clever tongue, and become a hottie, you just kindly say “you are early”, and you see how she reacts. Maybe some people will taunt me and say this is useless at all! When will this be done? !

I can only say that it is not easy to reincarnate. Anyway, you dont have anything. If you take a look, can you still suffer?

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