Love story author crossword clue

Love story author crossword clue

Love story author crossword clue. Miss Moon has a crush on Mr. Earth and always revolves around Mr. Earth.

But no matter how she turns, Miss Moon only faces Mr. Earth with the light side, and never shows her back without light to Mr. Earth.

Love story author crossword clue. Because Miss Moons skin is not very good, there are many uneven craters on the surface, Miss Moon thinks they are ugly, cant help but feel inferior, and only dare to give them to the front with soft light effect. Look at Mr. Earth.

If I look better, I might have the courage to confess to Mr. Earth. This idea has been hidden in Miss Moon’s heart for billions of years, and it has always been just a vague dream, which has not been realized.

In fact, in the first long period of time, Miss Moon seldom even talked to Mr. Earth, most of the time she just watched him silently and admired him.

Love story author crossword clue. One of the most admired points is that Mr. Earth has the blue sea.

Love story author crossword clue. The word “sea” is the name given to this vast ocean by the little humans on the earth. This is actually a book written by Mr. Earth with water. The vicissitudes of life and the vicissitudes of time over billions of years, They are all carefully recorded in the book by Mr. Earth.

Looking at the sparkling blue waves and the island continent carved by the sea, Miss Moon felt that Mr. Earth was really amazing.

She mustered all her courage to ask Mr. Earth if she could lend her this book.

Mr. Earth readily agreed.

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So Miss Moon turned the page of the book called “The Sea” with gravity. The little human being stood on the beach, unable to read the text written in foam on the pages, only seeing the layers surging up. The falling tide reflected the moonlight falling from the sky, beautiful and translucent.

Miss Moon could not hear the admiration of human beings. She just concentrated on reading the book written by Mr. Earth. After reading a chapter, she could speak frankly about her reading feelings with the excitement and fascination.

Love story author crossword clue. Mr. Earth will always be patient to listen to her after reading, and after listening to her, he will laugh and praise her for speaking very well, and it resonates well with what he writes.

The complimented Miss Moon was very embarrassed and shyly hid her figure, leaving only a crooked tooth in the sky.

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Love story author crossword clue. She has to slowly overcome her embarrassment day by day before she will continue to appear in front of Mr. Earth in a perfect appearance, and then read the corals and shells hidden in the book of the sea, the sound of waves and Ou Ming.

Love story author crossword clue. In this way, before she knows it, Miss Moon has read the book of the sea written by Mr. Earth for hundreds of millions of years. The more she reads, the more she likes and the more she becomes fascinated.

Those things described by Mr. Earth in the book, no matter how secretive foreshadowing and obscure meaning, Miss Moon can understand. After all, in these billions of years, her gaze was just like her own mind, always facing him, never moved more than half a point.   

Love story author crossword clue. The more you read, the more you understand Mr. Earth, and the more you understand, the more Miss Moon likes Mr. Earth.

Love story author crossword clue. This kind of feeling of love has accumulated too much, and gradually overflowed from her heart, unable to hide or hide it, so that it infiltrated the faint moonlight, and swayed in the reflection of the moon shadow. In the ocean, moisturizing things are silent and endless.

Later, every drop of water in the sea was stained with love in the moonlight. They transpired like clouds and turned into rain, filling the quiet ancient wells, flowing into the gurgling creeks, into the tranquil lakes, and following the rushing rivers until a certain moment. , The water was poured into the cup by the little human beings on the earth, and the tea leaves were brewed, giving out a strange aroma.

That is the taste of moonlight, just like the small full moon reflected in each cup, there is a taste that cannot be loved, and there is always a bit of bitterness that cannot be ignored in the sweetness.

Love story author crossword clue. Now the human beings who love to do things don’t do it. How can such a delicious moonlight tea be ruined by that bit of bitterness.

Soon they autonomously launched a spaceship from the earth towards Miss Moon, which contained a love letter written in the tone of Mr. Earth. And this love letter is very long, because it records all the praises of human civilization for the beauty of the moon from ancient times to the present.

Mr. Earth, who realized it later, found out that he could no longer stop the spaceship that had been out of gravity from rushing towards Miss Moon happily. No way, he could only find a recent full moon night and explain it to Miss Moon himself, showing that he didn’t write the love letter himself.

Love story author crossword clue. “It’s okay… it doesn’t matter.” Miss Moon replied with a blushing face. “It’s those naughty human pranks, I won’t take it seriously.”

Inferiority Miss Moon understands in her heart that whether it is the love letter or the praises in the love letter, just look at it as a joke. As an ugly moon full of craters, she cant afford such enthusiasm. .

She hadn’t repaid her extravagant expectations long ago.

Then there was an embarrassing silence. Just as Miss Moon was so nervous about what to do, Mr. Earth spoke first: “I did not write the love letter, but my thoughts are the same as what they wrote in the love letter. I think you look good.”

Miss Moon flushed even more, and at the same time a sourness surged in her heart.

She felt that Mr. Earth was still joking, and her face was so bumpy, how could she deserve the word “good-looking”.

Love story author crossword clue. But Mr. Earth did not lie, nor did he say so deliberately to comfort her. Whether it is the moon hanging in the night sky or the moon shadow reflected on the sea, in the eyes of Mr. Earth, it is indeed bright and moving.

Not to mention that if there is no moon, Mr. Earth will lose the ebb and flow of the ebb and flow, and the four seasons will change. Maybe even the little humans who like to make troubles will not be able to keep them, and they will become desolate and lifeless.

Over the years, Mr. Earth has quietly remembered what Miss Moon has given her silently.

Love story author crossword clue. He knew that Miss Moon was very concerned about the crater craters, and she had a low self-esteem to the point that she could hardly accept herself or others, so he had to take this opportunity to tell her that those craters might be considered small flaws. But if she is willing to look at it from another angle, her mood will be very different.

“Even the crater has the same fun and meaning as Yuchan and Yutu. It is very cute and does not need to be hidden. Really, humans and I think so. You can understand by reading those love letters.” Mr. Earth Explained seriously, and then his tone suddenly became suspicious, “So, Miss Moon… can you please… like yourself more?”

Love story author crossword clue. This way he can let go of the fear that has been worrying for hundreds of millions of years, and no longer have to worry that Miss Moon will instinctively shrink back and hesitate when facing love, and he can confess to her without hesitation: “I am very I like you. Although there are so many perfect and beautiful planets in the vast universe, you are the only one willing to accompany me to understand me.”

Love story author crossword clue. These words Mr. Earth wanted to say a long time ago, and endured very hard.

Miss Moon stared blankly at Mr. Earth’s flushed face, and suddenly she understood everything.

Love story author crossword clue. Because at this moment, the moonlight that once melted in the sea finally touched the bottom after hundreds of millions of years of ups and downs, and encountered the steaming heat hidden in the deep ocean trench. Every bit of them, Both represent the warm and surging love of Mr. Earth.

So I don’t need to say anything anymore. The two planets are looking at each other quietly in the empty universe. There is only you in my eyes, and only me in your eyes.

It was not until a long time later that Mr. Earth chuckled and sighed softly: “The moonlight is so beautiful tonight.”

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