My husband loves to hear about my past lovers

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers.

1. Many years later, she attended his wedding banquet, whom she had secretly loved for many years. He became personable and talkative. Sitting next to him was a beautiful bride. Although it was not good to look at, he had to go and congratulate him. Fan: “It’s been many years, you’ve become talkative. You used to talk to people you like, and your tongue was always interrupted. Now you can marry such a beautiful bride back. It’s amazing!” He blushed after hearing this: “True, true ,Really?”

2. They had broken up for a long time, and the phone number was gone for a long time, and it was a long, long time later, he and she were invited to the wedding of an old classmate at the same time. She accidentally lost her mobile phone at the wedding, and only he did not look through the address book. So she was the first to broadcast her number, the bell rang, and he and she went to pick up the phone on the ground at the same time, and he saw the caller ID on the screen showing “husband” without any comment.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers.

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3. Boys treat their wives better after marriage than before marriage. A friend at a party laughed at him: “Why are you so tired after getting married?” He smiled chastely and said: “Before marriage, many boys wanted to chase her, and many boys would treat her nicely. I can only catch her if I treat her better; After getting married, there are fewer and fewer boys who are good to her. I can only keep her from losing her if I treat her better. “What I did was to make her happy. After speaking, all the friends present were silent.

4. The day before graduation, he looked at her at the same table wearing headphones and writing papers. He wanted to confess to her, but he was embarrassed to speak. Finally, he tentatively called her name, but she didnt react at all and still wrote He was holding the paper, so he said all he wanted to say to her in a very low voice; the bell was over, he left his seat, and she at the same table released the pause button and burst into tears.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers.

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5. A prince falls in love with a princess. The princess tells him that if he is willing to stay under her balcony for 100 consecutive nights, she will accept him. So the prince did. He waited for one day, two days, three days… until the ninety-ninth day, the prince left. Why does the prince no longer insist on the last day? The answer is very touching-love cannot be just a person’s contribution. The prince used 99 days to prove love and the 100th day to prove dignity.

6. She likes him for four years, collects everything about him, likes the way he lowers her head and writes. She gets angry when she sees him and other girls, and she has written countless love letters. It’s just that he doesn’t know all this. A few years later, he and she were no longer in the same city, but she received a gift from him before marriage, which was an earring she accidentally left. Letter: I spend my youth in my secret love, but I can’t be with you.

My husband loves to hear about my past lovers.

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7. The boy and the girl had a conflict and agreed to walk 100 steps back to back. When she reached step 99, the girl finally couldn’t help but squatted on the ground and cried, her arms circled her from behind. The boy said, I have been waiting for you to turn around, and I will not let you go alone in this life! We don’t want the sea to die forever, as long as one embraces each other warmly, that’s enough!

8. He is about to get married, and he drags his best friend to choose a wedding ring. “This is not bad.” “You try it for me!”, “That… okay!” “Just right!” When she wanted to take off the ring, she was grabbed by his big hand, “If you put it on, you will never It must be taken off!” She opened her eyes, “Aren’t you… are you about to get married?…” “Yes, with you”.

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