Online dating sites for teens.

Online dating sites for teens.

Online dating sites for teens. The opening is very important. It is basically the first impression of netizens, then the voice, then the photos, videos, and finally the meeting. This is the entire process of forming an impression of netizens.

These stages are opportunities for your salty fish to turn over. Of course, there may also be the possibility of being passed away. Therefore, no one can be careless. To do it seemingly unintentional, but in fact it is intentional. This requires time, experience and talent.

Online chat can expose a persons emotional intelligence, thinking, and brain insights, and a few sentences can determine whether or not to continue chatting.


01 Make good use of emoticons (this is a quick improvement technique)


Online dating sites for teens. You can use the emoticon package that comes with the system, or download the emoticon package online.

In addition to being beautiful, emoticons should also have rich and vivid expressions. The key coverage should be wide-ranging, including happy, shy, helpless, angry, coquettish, etc. When posting a picture, silence is better than sound.


1. Realize the auxiliary recognition system

Use a style or a set of emoticons. When others are used to seeing it, when others use this emoticon, the first thing they think of is you. Commonly known as: “seeing things and thinking people”

PS: Especially suitable for men and women~

2. Express feelings

Online dating sites for teens. The age of reading pictures makes the brain like to be lazy, not to love words and pictures.

Faces cannot be seen in chat on the Internet, and pictures can make up for the hollowness of text.

When others see the picture, they will fill up your facial expressions.

Of course, in the face of old drivers, sometimes the facial expression pictures at this time are really just pictures, and have nothing to do with emotional changes, sometimes just to cope with chatting. Need to consider.

3. Look lively

Online text chat only has text, and unless the emotional intelligence is high or the literary talent is very good, it cannot form a recognition system.

To be different from others, some skills are needed.

The writing skills are not good, the pictures can alleviate the awkward atmosphere, and they are not dull.

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02 Creation of personal identification system


Online dating sites for teens. In addition to writing skills, what other things can you bring to the other party?

Emoticons and pictures are just a technique, they will be used once they are used, and they have no technical content.

Then others will. What else can’t be surpassed by others or can’t be surpassed in a short time?

1. Sound

Good timbre, standard Mandarin, good singing, etc. This is the advantage of your voice. In addition to pictures and texts, you can send voices, and girls are all hearing animals. Voice can better reflect the personality characteristics of a person.

Those with high rank can judge whether the person’s style of doing things is urgent or slow, whether there is a lie in the chat, whether the emotions are true, etc., based on the voice.

2. Field of view

Online dating sites for teens. This requires accumulation, including follow-up and unique insights on social news, breadth and depth of knowledge, etc., to show personal style.

These will be reflected in your chat invisibly.

This is not something that others can imitate and surpass casually.

3. Use of modal particles and symbols

Text is not only to convey information, but more importantly, to convey personality.

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4. Formatting

Online dating sites for teens.

Which big brand do you see changing the logo, product name, and product packaging every day?

The first thing a person sees is the familiar things, and then the things that interest him, and the strange and ugly things can only be glanced at.

Try to choose positive nicknames and signatures that show your attitude, and don’t change them frequently once you are sure.

Unless you want to abandon the original inherent image, you can only change one item at a time to avoid objection to the other party, and it is also convenient for others to recognize and re-recognize the memory of the brain.

5. External stability

Online dating sites for teens. Everyones aesthetics is different. Some people think theyre good-looking and just use them. Others never get used to it after watching it for a long time.

You change frequently, and you keep appearing in front of you like Sister Feng, are you sure you can bear it?

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