Online dating when to swap numbers.

Online dating when to swap numbers.

Online dating when to swap numbers. Does love really stand the test?

In a certain episode of the show, an American girl said to the show team that she would test her boyfriend, and a big show opened:

Her boyfriend bought a cup of coffee on the side of the road, and the actress wore a black suspender on the stage. It didn’t take much time for the two to catch up.

When the boyfriend noticed the girl’s enthusiasm, he couldn’t help but feel proud and proudly said that he looked like a certain actor.

The two had a brief conversation. The hot girl made timely actions suggesting affection, such as fluffing her hair and winking her eyes. Her boyfriend immediately said, “I’m not dating someone, I’m free” (I don’t have a girlfriend, I Is a person)

The girl in the studio couldn’t manage her expressions immediately. Then, it was logical to exchange phone numbers, and the boys even offered a date invitation.

The “story” at the moment has completely unexpectedly taken the girl. This guy with a stable girlfriend is being teased “you look like a guy that’s a good kisser” (you look like a guy that’s a good kisser). After that, nothing Hesitantly kissed on the spot.

The two people kissed passionately, and the entrusted girl couldn’t even look at it…

There is also a pregnant mother who wants to try, will her husband always be nice to her.

In order to satisfy her wish, the program team gave her a beautiful blonde girl with a “sex addiction” who stood in front of the church where the child’s father was going to go.

“I have sex addiction, can you help me solve it?”

“Yes, we can read the Bible together to wash our dirty souls.”

But the sister Zhengyi stubbornly rejected him and said, “No, we can’t do such nasty things. I just want to have sex, so you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“No no, I don’t have that kind of conscience.”

Then they exchanged phone calls. After kissing happily, the pregnant woman said crumbled, I’d better have a miscarriage. He didn’t care about me and the baby in his stomach.

The derailment rate tested so far in this program has remained above 95%.

If you want to say that this is only a foreign country, you are really wrong. There have been many spontaneous activities of emotional gangsters testing their partners on Weibo.

Most people were full of confidence at the beginning of the test, but the result was unbearable: the girls who questioned love also had “deteriorated” partners-almost all men did not resist the deliberate temptation.

Many people have a clear-cut look: “No matter how many years you have been in love with a man, you must always remember that a man always directs his upper body from the lower part of the body. There is dog blood everywhere, especially in marriage.”

Frequent incidents of derailment and untested love make everyone feel discouraged and disappointed in marriage and love-it is too difficult to find a man who is loyal to marriage. I’m still not married and infertile to keep me safe.

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01 The food color is also, “the brain of the worms” is actually because of this


There was once a TV series “Tender Betrayal” composed of three story units. The main line of each story unit was an extramarital relationship.

The photographer who originally had a harmonious relationship with his wife, who had no ambitions, had an extramarital affair with his sister-in-law;

Wang Qi, who is as sweet as a new marriage with his wife, meets his first love again. He would rather cross the single-plank bridge with thunder, but also deal with the two women;

The successful bosses and their wives share less and less common languages, and they can’t bear to deviant with the secretary day and night.

This TV series seems to be the epitome of cheating men’s faces: cheating is too easy, and there are too many temptations, because of loneliness, because of the smooth life, and because of irresistibility.

Many women questioned: Why do women want to give up their whole life when they fall in love with someone, while men are only one temptation to go from “from a small business” to “to a complete business trip”? What are the thoughts of men who can’t resist temptation?

1) Surging of reproductive attributes

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, men themselves are “planters”.

Before the 1950s, the popular polygamy system determined that men were very vague about the concept of “loyalty”. The requirements for loyalty in women’s morality and women’s training are all oriented toward women.

Until now, Liu Luanxiong and Macau gambling king still maintain the polygamy state that is not recognized by law but defaulted by folklore.

Male reproductive instincts need more superego power to fight against, which requires a slow and long-term evolutionary process.

2) Low cost of trial and error

Although Wang Feng has been subdued by Zhang Niangniang, he has a long experience of frequent derailments:

Fall in love with Junzi, cheating Qi Dan;

Marry Qi Dan, cheating on Kang Zuoru;

And Kang Zuoru gave birth to a daughter, cheating Ge Huijie…

These three derailment experiences are almost similar: After the cheating, Wang Feng did not bear any consequences, and all the women who were hurt by love only punish themselves.

After 80% of men are found cheating and are forgiven by their wives, they cant help but steal fishyagain. The reason is too simple: the cost of trial and error is low: Anyway, she cant do without me, I dont need to do it for me. Its enough to pay any price for the derailment, just a sentence of sorry.”

3) Inability to enter a long-term relationship

In the Hong Kong drama “Talking about Love and Cases”, there is such a character who goes to Lan Kwai Fong every night to hunt for sex. Compared with the girl’s initiative to make in-depth contacts, he feels that the “more passion and less fetters” of dew love is more attractive. .

Some men will flirt, cheat, go to bed, and habitually cheat as long as they have the opportunity. In fact, they lack the ability to manage long-term emotional relationships.

They filled the huge void in their hearts through sparks overflowing again and again.

4) Unmet needs

The middle-aged marriage expressed in “Snail House” has a very heartbreaking moment: Song Siming turned to his wife and wanted to be gentle with her.

At first the wife responded lazily: “I don’t understand why it has to be so many times a month, hurry up.”

When Song Siming was about to linger, his wife pushed him away and turned over to find his daughter’s test paper.

This scene may explain why Song Siming spends most of his time with Seaweed in bed.

Desire is constant. It exists for one year of marriage and ten years of marriage.

When the partner did not catch his own needs, he turned to the junior third to seek satisfaction, whether it was from physical sexual desire, to inner desire to talk, protection, or other, everything needs to be exported.

For these so-called “catching rape” programs, we do not rule out that the crew wants to catch horses and set the plot specifically.

But in this chaotic situation, the hearts of most men will be slightly agitated, but it may not be executed by someone.

Most rational men understand that cheating has costs and will affect their relationships.

Eating men and women, seven emotions and six desires. Behind the seemingly unstable man, there is either a weak woman or a weak ego.

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