Aspergers relationships arguments

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Aspergers relationships arguments. This is a book about the pathology of Espergers. It mainly introduces the diagnosis, training and treatment methods of Asperger syndrome.


Aspergers relationships arguments. Esperger’s syndrome is a syndrome of pervasive developmental disorders. It has certain characteristics similar to childhood autism. It is more common in boys. The symptoms are generally not obvious until the school age is about 7 years old. The main reason is interpersonal communication. Obstacles, limitations, rigid, repetitive interests and behavior patterns. No obvious speech and intellectual disabilities.

This natural and highly hereditary disease mostly occurs in early childhood, and its symptoms are similar to those of autism. The patients have no intellectual disability, and some people have very high IQs. The lack of social interaction makes them more focused on some areas, thus achieving superhuman achievements. Many historical figures suffer from Espergue syndrome, such as the genius painter Van Gogh, the music giant Mozart, and the Western philosopher Kant.

Aspergers relationships arguments. Seen in childhood, characterized by the abnormal nature of interactive social activities similar to typical autism, and interest and activity content is limited, stereotyped and repetitive. The main difference from autism is that there is no delay or delay in speech or cognitive development, but it appears clumsy. It can continue to adolescents and even adulthood, with episodes of psychosis occasionally seen in early adulthood. Same: Childhood schizophrenic disorder.

Asperger syndrome-[symptom criteria]

(1) The obvious characteristics of the obstacles in interpersonal communication are the lack of communication skills, the rigid, rigid, and stylized communication methods, and the lack of the ability to develop friendships;

(2) It is confined to stereotyped, repetitive, or unusual interests or activities, which seems rather weird;

(3) There is no obvious speech and language development disorder, and the cognitive development is basically normal;

(4) Low motor skills and clumsy movements.


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Asperger syndrome diagnosis and training



1 Clinical characteristics and diagnostic criteria of Aspeger syndrome



Aspergers relationships arguments. In 1944, German pediatrician HaMs AspeBer published a paper “On Childhood Autistic Personality Disorder”, which summarized Asperger’s syndrome and made recommendations for treatment. The main symptoms of Asperger syndrome include: non-verbal communication obstacles, such as lack of facial expressions; strange characteristics in language communication, such as repeated repetition of the same problem; self-tendency in social interaction; cognitive processing of other people’s emotions. There is no emotional resonance; special walking posture and instability; behavioral aspects such as non-obedience to teaching and aggressive actions; early onset, but early diagnosis is difficult; other members of the family have a high incidence.

In 1981, the British child psychiatrist 16ma Wing named the disorder with the above-mentioned clinical characteristics Asperger syndrome.

The tenth edition of the International Classification of Diseases (icd) stipulates the diagnostic criteria for AsperRer syndrome, which mainly includes the following 4 aspects:

(1) In terms of communication and communication, there are generally no obvious language and cognitive lags or obstacles; some have movement problems, such as unstable walking.

(2) In terms of social interaction, the diagnostic criteria for autism are exactly the same.

(3) In terms of behavioral interest, it is basically the same as the diagnostic criteria for autism. If they have narrow and strong interests, they will repeat and stereotype behaviors; but they are less concerned about certain aspects of objects or toys. Some parts show abnormal concentration and perseverance.

(4) These disorders do not belong to other diffuse developmental disorders, nor do they belong to the general obsessive-compulsive disorder of schizophrenia.

In 1994, the fourth edition of the American Mental Disorders Diagnostic Statistics Manual gave a similar definition and diagnostic criteria for Asperger syndrome.

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2 The connection and difference between autism and Asperger syndrome



Aspergers relationships arguments. Most autism experts believe that autism and Asperger syndrome belong to the same series of two disorders with different degrees of severity; in other words, Asperger syndrome is the less severe type of autism series , But there are some differences between the two.

Like autism, children with Asperger syndrome are often closed and isolated in terms of interpersonal relationships, but they are not completely indifferent to everything around them. They also want to socialize or have friends, but they often do not have what is necessary for interpersonal communication. Basic social skills.

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Aspergers relationships arguments. They often cannot understand the expressions of other people, and therefore cannot adjust their behavior accordingly. They appear to be extremely formal in social situations, obsessed with details, and lack the necessary flexibility, so many of them will develop various mental problems such as anxiety and depression.


Both Asperger syndrome and autism can have narrow interests and stereotyped movements. However, children with autism tend to focus on manipulating objects, listening to music, and reacting strongly to images.


Aspergers relationships arguments. In contrast, the narrow interests of children with Asperger syndrome are often manifested in the memory of numbers or days, and a strong interest in knowledge of certain subjects. Sometimes it can give people the impression that they have a great memory and even be known as erudite in a certain field.


But soon people will realize that they often only memorize some factual data mechanically, without any understanding of the correlation between these facts and the true meaning behind them; and the knowledge in other areas is lacking; They can seem very weird and make people reluctant to associate with them.


Aspergers relationships arguments. Children with Asperger syndrome tend to show poor rhythm and pitch when speaking, and appear to have no coherence in the content of the speech, only expression without explanation, etc. Corresponding to their narrow interests, these children often repeat many words and express very little meaning in their conversations.


However, children with Asperger syndrome have much larger vocabulary and better grammatical skills than children with autism, and their IQs are generally higher than those with autism.



3 Basic principles of intervention for Asperger syndrome


Aspergers relationships arguments. Interventions for Asperger syndrome are still at a relatively early stage in countries around the world. At present, it is generally believed that the focus of intervention should be on the training of social awareness skills, the cultivation of practical language skills, and the control of behavioral problems. The purpose of the training of social awareness skills is to enable them to slowly jump out of the closed circle and gradually notice the existence of others and the positions of others. The method of education is not general, but to guide them from specific problems, through the understanding of the problem to increase the awareness of the relationship between people and learn the necessary skills, and gradually expand the use of what they have learned on this basis Social awareness and skills.

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