Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners

Why do i attract emotionally unavailable partners

Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? I have always felt that people should try to get along with others at a suitable early stage, and understand the real contact between people. It is very good to cultivate and achieve positive results.

At least in your adulthood or later, you can calmly solve some difficult problems about getting along.

Perhaps some people can rely on their natural intuition to distinguish whether the person in front of them is approaching purposefully, but more people rely on a gradual relationship with each other to explore.

Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? Of course, you have to accept that even if you spend a lot of time and energy groping out, it may not be applicable to the next person you meet.

This process is constantly going on. You must get along with one person in a real way to know what kind of person the other person is, and then you have the possibility of getting close.

It’s like walking a section of the road with your bare hands and your fists. You know from the beginning that the person you are looking for is at the end of the road, as if trying hard to rush forward, but you don’t know that the other party will throw things on the road to obstruct you at any time.

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Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? So the earlier you experience this process, the less pain you can perceive. Even if you don’t know what will be thrown, but you know that something will be thrown, you can prepare mentally in advance.

As you grow up, you will accumulate more respect and preset plans for yourself, making yourself less vulnerable.

Regarding love, I think everyone should have their own psychological construction.

Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? Because the pain of love is really too common, secret love, unrequited love, broken love will fall on everyone inadvertently, you will also find ways to solve it, but love is not like high school answers Math problems do not have the same solution ideas and universal formulas.

Even if you have encountered a hundred kinds of people, the one you have encountered now may be the one hundred and one.

If you experience the broken heart of love earlier, you can quickly establish your own standard system, clarify the boundaries of communication between people, and understand that tolerance, understanding, and support in love are a precious glue.

Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? Thats how people get along. Maybe in the next second, the moods of both sides will be mixed with each other, and the love that used to be will fall from a height. You can laugh at yourself temporarily, and you can regret it. You can continue to hit the south wall, but don’t expect it to make a comeback.

Its not your fault not to love someone. You dont have to be self-pity, let alone evaluate other peoples choices with a high attitude, and you dont have to define the person you will meet later with the idea of “being bitten by a snake for ten years” .

After all, there is no reason for love.

Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? He is true when he loves you, and when he does not. There are never two people who can’t be together, only two hearts that can’t get closer.

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It is also very possible that he is just pretending to be affectionate, never in love, but makes you think he has loved you. Some people are very good at making themselves into affectionate personalities. It is really difficult to distinguish this kind of person. The only thing is to not establish your relationship prematurely, nor let him get it too easily, and observe his sincerity. .


If he has been hot and cold in the process of pursuing, then he is undoubtedly pursuing other girls at the same time.


Why do I attract emotionally unavailable partners? Be sure to stay away from those who will be in contact with your ex, ex, or your first love, and those who have been secretly in love with each other often, and even meet regularly in the name of each other or friends, don’t Believe what he said I have nothing to do with them, we are just friends!

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Believe me, there is really no pure friendship between men and women, and what you can’t get is always in commotion. You will be made like a madman and a bitter woman by these messy things, and what you get in the end is a sentence that you are unreasonable to make trouble.

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