How to remove bra?

How to remove bra

How to remove bra? In less than 5 minutes, 4 people were injured. No one would have thought that this internet celebrity game would become a nightmare in everyone’s hearts.

This is a piece of news that I saw a few days ago. In February of this year, Ms. Yuan and his group of 7 went to escape from the room. Before the game started, they signed an exemption agreement with the store.

This is an excitement-seeking game. Everyone wants to sign an exemption agreement and it should be fine, so they all signed it.

How to remove bra? But no one thought that less than 5 minutes after the game started, 4 out of a group of 7 people were injured to varying degrees.

First, a man who was travelling with him received an electric shock in the chaos, and only found scars on the numb area after he came out. Ms. Yuans injury was more serious. She was diagnosed with a hematoma on the right forehead and scalp. The scar on her face is still clearly visible today.

As an emerging Internet celebrity game in the past two years, escape room has been sought after by countless young people. Dr.X has also experienced this game before, and he can really feel the excitement and release the pressure in the game.

But no one thought that this emerging game has become a nightmare for many people.

01. Crazy Chamber

How to remove bra? Room escape, also known as TAKAGISM, is a brain-burning puzzle adventure game. Because many scenes and content in the game come from movies and games, it is very interesting and challenging. At present, most secret room games have added real-life NPCs (the real-life roles in the game are played by the store staff), so they are more exciting.

The game of escape room seems to have not been so popular in the past few years, and it has suddenly grown in the last two years.

According to the “2020 China’s escape room industry development status and user behavior insight analysis report”, the market size of the escape room industry in 2019 is approaching 10 billion. The entire market was affected during the epidemic, but this year, the entire market has reached a new peak.

With the rapid development of the industry, some drawbacks will follow.

02. Out of control NPC

How to remove bra? This is the news that happened during the National Day last year, when Ms. Lin and three other female friends came to an escape room shop and bought a script with the theme of “funny”.

It was this “funny taste”, and then it became a “low-level taste”!

In the first level, you need to ask for clues from the NPC, but you need to exchange things for things.

How to remove bra? This seems normal, but everyone who has played in the secret room knows that the items that you carry with you before entering the secret room will basically be stored by the boss.

In other words, at this time they can only exchange their accessories. But the accessories are not enough to change. At this time, the NPC indicated that it could be exchanged with clothes.

Doesn’t take off? I’m sorry, I won’t open the door for you, just stay in the secret room!

In desperation, several girls took off their underwear. At this time, even more unreasonable requests appeared, and the NPC actually asked them for underwear and underwear!


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How to remove bra? Naturally, I would not agree to this request. In the end, it ended with a few girls performing talents. What they didn’t know was that the process of taking off their clothes had already been taken clearly by the camera inside!

The second level of horror is here. The task of this level is to drink a whole bottle of Erguotou.

Normal people can’t eat a whole bottle of liquor, let alone women. If you run into someone who is allergic to alcohol, you can’t imagine the consequences. I don’t know if this shop is cerebral palsy or intentional, but I can still think of such a bad idea!

How to remove bra? The third level, this level cannot be described by a game, it is simply vulgar!

One girl was asked to lie on the ground while another girl was riding on her and was asked to hold her chest with both hands. This is not over yet, and at the same time, the girl who is riding is asked to move up and down. Only if she moves well can she clear the level.

Take a look! What kind of shameless clearance requirement is this, it is simply to use the player as a tool for venting!

Funny and interesting script? Where is the so-called funny fun? Throughout the game, we only saw naked sexual harassment and potential danger! Imagine, if there were only two female players or one female player, what would happen when the bottle of Erguotou was unconscious after drinking? I really can’t imagine it!

How to remove bra? However, in the escape room market, this situation is not unique. When you think you are spending money to consume, you may also become a consumer of others.

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03. Harmful players

How to remove bra? If you want to see a person clearly, just go to an escape room with him.

As a team game, escape room usually requires 2-8 people to start. If you play with a friend you know very well, there is usually no problem, but if it is a temporary group with a stranger, I suggest you be careful.

The typical feature of escape room is that the light is dim, even without any light source; the space is small, physical contact and bumps are inevitable.

At this time, even if salty pigs and sexual harassment occur, it is difficult for us to determine whether the other party did it intentionally.

How to remove bra? Many players have specifically targeted strange women and teamed up with them!

They often scan the script in advance, and then step on it. In places that are invisible to a specific camera or where the plot is horrible, they will stretch out their salty pig hands at the right time to strike on the chest, touch the thigh, touch the ass…

Under the gloomy light, they acted recklessly, as if they were in a paradise of self-release.

In addition to attacking fellow female players, female NPCs are also their targets.

Before the news reported such a jaw-dropping case, it was a script on the theme of a dark marriage at the time. The male player and the bride played by the NPC are required to call to the hall. Who knows that this male player holding the “bride” is a kiss, or even a tongue kiss.


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How to remove bra? Fortunately, this “bride” is played by a male employee. It may be that the store has already considered this possibility, so it prevented it in advance. If the NPC was a female employee at the time, it would be hard to imagine what kind of psychological shock it caused to the female employee!

Maybe you have thought in your mind that if you encounter a nasty pervert, you must fight back, and even learn the “anti-wolf course” for this. But in this specific environment, no one can guarantee that he can immediately react as expected in the face of such unintentional or unintentional touch.

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