Infatuation vs love quiz

Infatuation vs love quiz

Infatuation vs love quiz. Infatuation, why is it often mistaken for love? Because Infatuation can’t see the whole picture of each other, the hormonal changes caused by obsessiveness make people feel like drunk or drugged, completely immersed in half reality and half dream.


You can diagnose yourself whether you are in infatuation or love.

Many people will say: “I love him so much.”


Wait a minute, do you love him or are you Infatuation with him?


In fact, there is only one situation in which love can be defined, that is, love, marriage and death. Even if you encounter many things, many contradictions, and many obstacles, you still support and appreciate each other, and more importantly, never give up and love each other.


This is true love.

Infatuation vs love quiz.

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Love is warm, safe, and trustworthy. It is knowledgeable without suspicion. Love does not have to boast, and it does not have to deliberately reflect its value. Love is not exciting, but happy. The giving of love is faint, voluntary, and it is natural to worry that the other person will be sad occasionally.


Infatuation vs love quiz. Infatuation vs. love quiz. You can feel the hot and cold. In fact, there is no problem with the hot and cold itself. The question is whether you can feel cold, flustered, asymmetry in information, and knowing the roots. bottom. You will be jealous because the information is incomplete, or the information is contradictory, because the other party is unwilling to disclose the information.


You may boast in infatuation, because you want to make the other person recognize you by boasting. Infatuation, when the other party gives you sweetness, it is refreshing and exciting, but when the other party is cooling down and the dragon is not seeing the end, it is lost and painful. Obsessive giving is strong, half voluntary, half worried about the other party, fearing the other party will be disappointed, it is dramatic.


Love is not as exciting as infatuation, but it won’t make you exhausted. You think that your melancholy, loneliness, pain and tears behind your back are love for someone. How can you ask what is so beautiful about loving someone, why are you sad? What are you suffering from? It doesn’t make sense.


Infatuation vs love quiz. Why do you not love you because of your pain?


You are just Infatuation with each other, not in love.

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Infatuation vs love quiz. Infatuation is that you will make excuses for the other partys shortcomings. You will make a partial generalization, and you will seriously double standard. His shortcomings are not shortcomings in your eyes, and can even be interpreted by you as a certain The advantages exist.


Because of infatuation, a person’s saying that vulgarity can be interpreted as true temperament, a person’s evil can be interpreted as cuteness, a person’s selfishness can be interpreted as knowing how to protect oneself, a person’s indifferent to you, you can Be interpreted as independent and strong.


Infatuation vs love quiz. This is infatuation, without reason, without principle.


Love will not make excuses for the other’s shortcomings. To say foul language is to have no quality, to be evil is to be unkind, to be selfish is to be selfish, to be indifferent is to have no feeling. That’s it, the reason here is not a manifestation of unloving, it is precisely because of the magnanimity of love and the feeling of safety, so there is no need to have no principles, no need to find reasons for the other party. Because you know that even if the other party did something wrong, even if the other party is really imperfect, you still love him, and you don’t want to leave him.


Infatuation vs love quiz. To love a person is not to love him because the other person has really reached the halo-level perfection. To love a person is to see the imperfect shortcomings of the other person, as well as the strengths of the other person, to see that the other person is a human, not a god, and still choose him.

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Do you think it must be love?


No, surely it is the emotion that is most likely to happen when you are infatuated with a person.


Infatuation vs love quiz. Infatuation vs love quiz. Love is objective, and determination itself is extremely subjective. When you are determined to love someone, you are already just infatuated. It doesn’t matter whether the other party loves you, appreciates you, or gets along well with you, but loves him wholeheartedly. What kind of love is this? Pure obsession.


Behind the obsession, there are too many skills. Those hot and cold, pretending to be mysterious skills, can make people fall in love with each other at any time.


Behind love, there is only sincerity and calmness. Love can be hesitating or hesitant. These hesitations and hesitations are part of the health of love. To put it another way, it iscautious. Can a normal person not hesitate and hesitate because he can rationally see the shortcomings of the other person? But all getting along is still sincere and calm.


Behind the obsession? It is not calm, it is concealed, and the information is opaque. To be infatuated is to work hard for one’s own sake, to sacrifice oneself for others, and to go all out. It is precisely because of unhealthy people that people go crazy, they are irrational, and they turn a blind eye to a person’s problems or avoid the most important ones.

Behind the obsession, there is no hesitation or hesitation, which is abnormal. This kind of infatuation, which is triggered by lack of honesty and frankness, will still not be equal once you enter a relationship, and it will still make you panic.

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