Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women?

Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women

Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women? The reason why men like round buttocks: A good figure for women is very popular with men.

Why do men fall in love with “full breasts and fat buttocks” women, because of their different physiological structures, their waist and buttocks have to be protruding a lot in terms of figure, so as to ensure their needs during delivery. However, it is the unevenness of the female figure that opens up the sex drive in the man’s heart. The following editor will introduce the reasons why men like round buttocks!

Eric Russell, a psychology graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, is a co-author of the study. He believes that in the course of human history, women face the problem of shifting their body’s center of gravity during pregnancy. Women with high lumbar curvature can redistribute their body’s center of gravity to reduce the stress of pregnancy. 

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Therefore, they assume that men should have some psychological adaptation result, that is, they prefer to choose women with big butts as their mating objects.

Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women? In short, the reason why men have evolved a preference for women with big butts is because women with big butts can protect them from harm during multiple pregnancies. Eating effectively during pregnancy. In this study, more than 300 men were asked to rate the sides of the women they saw. The curvature of the lumbar spine of these women varied from 26 to 61 degrees.

These men think that women with a 45.5 degree of lumbar curvature have the most appetite for them. Researchers believe that such women have an evolutionary advantage and they do not have to suffer from physical diseases such as back pain and lumbar disc herniation. Researchers also found that the structure of the spine itself is the key to the fat and muscles in the buttocks.If you have any emotional problems to ask me, click here!

The lead author of the study, David Lewis, a psychologist at Birkent University in Turkey, said: “Maybe when men put their attention on women’s buttocks, they can get information about the female spine. Even if men do this. Without any consciousness, this is exactly what their brains are doing. It is also possible that men have a preference for women’s lumbar curvature and butt size, but this requires further research.”

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The reason why men like round buttocks? The above is the body curve that men love. When men see the prominent figure of beautiful women, they will have a feeling of stimulation in their psychology. This has nothing to do with the “flower heart man”, but a common physical consciousness !

Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women? The most culturally different beauty standard seems to be slim or full body is more beautiful. This difference is connected with the social status information conveyed by the body. In cultures where food is scarce, such as among Bushmen in Australia, fullness signifies wealth, health, and adequate nutrition for growth and development. In cultures where food is relatively abundant, such as in the United States and many Western European countries, fullness and status are negatively correlated, and the rich show their status through thinner bodies.

A preference for body shape is constant, that is, a preference for a specific waist to hip size ratio.

Regardless of the total amount of fat, men consider women with a low waist-to-hip ratio to be the most attractive. Women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.70 are considered more attractive than women with 0.80, and women with 0.80 are considered more attractive than women with 0.90.

Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women? Pregnancy can greatly change the waist-to-hip ratio. A higher waist-to-hip ratio is similar to a pregnant body shape, so it may make women less attractive as a spouse or sexual partner. In turn, a lower waist-to-hip ratio signifies health, high fertility, and the fact that there is no pregnancy.

Men value the attractiveness and beauty of potential spouses more than women. Men’s preference for attractive-looking spouses is a psychological mechanism that transcends culture and prevails throughout the species. And women do not value appearance as much as men do.

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The charm of women has an important influence on the social status of men. A man is very concerned about the influence his spouse has on his social status.

Do most men prefer curvy women or skinny women? Compared with women, men get a more attractive spouse to improve their status.

Compared with women, men who have an unbeautiful spouse will cause greater damage to their status.


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