1. Find the source of self-confidence and learn to affirm yourself For everyone, self-confidence must have its roots. We must deeply understand that “confidence” must not come from the outside world’s perception of you, but from your inner affirmation of yourself. We need to determine the source of our self-confidence.

1 People tend to remember what happened first and what happened last. This is the first cause effect and the proximate effect in basic psychology. So, if you want to introduce yourself, it’s best to be the first or last one. 2 If you work in a bar or front

1. Promotion: If you want the other party to choose the higher price between the two products, you can provide the third option of “lower CP but the same price” to let people have a feeling for the more expensive option” The feeling of finding cheap”. 2. Discuss things: If

If you want to handle interpersonal well, you have to be a moderately sensitive person. Japanese writer Junichi Watanabe’s “Insensitive Force” believes that people should be insensitive to people and things in daily life, and not too sensitive. Appropriate inactivity can make life better and reduce unnecessary troubles. You don’t