What does the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference?

What does the opposite of love is not hate it's indifference

What does the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference? The opposite of love is never hate, but indifference.

I look at your back every day behind you. Even if I don’t own you, it’s a very happy thing for me.

The world is divided into yin and yang, and so is love.

What does the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference? If loving someone can make me more forging and loving life, then I will stick to it anyway.

If it’s the opposite, love is really superfluous to me, so why should I force it to stay?

I miss you, but I can’t tell you, it’s like a tree full of pear blossoms, it is never possible to produce apples.

Sometimes, although I can think about it, I still can’t choose to forget it in my heart.

There are some things, whether you can accept them or not, but thanks to time, you have to face them.

Blooming quietly at the end of the world, not disturbing is my tenderness.

Never hoped that you could see,

I just hope your world can be colorful because of an extra bunch of flowers!

What does the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference? Since I was in junior high school, I have always remembered the words of the teacher: In this world, there is no love without a reason, and no hate without a reason, everything is actually the most Good arrangement.

In high school, I liked a girl in the next class.

He didn’t use too much cosmetics to decorate himself, but he has already become the goddess in many people’s hearts.

And I blazed a trail among the many suitors, and I am honored to pursue her.

Freshness is really a very beautiful thing. When you meet someone who is very chatty, you will have many, many things you want to know.

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I want to be anxious to understand everything about him, and I want to find more common ground, but when I understand it almost, the freshness will pass.

To put it bluntly, feelings, if you don’t maintain it for a long time, will fade away, disappear little by little, and finally simply disappear.

What does the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference? I still remember that after the sports meeting that day, I waited from when the sky was blue until it was dark, and there were still fine raindrops floating in the sky. I still didn’t wait for you to appear, my mind was full Blank, I feel that everything around me is still.

It feels like an empty corridor in the hospital at midnight, exceptionally quiet, but it doesn’t matter, because I’ve long been used to the loss that others bring to me.

I have always felt that I am a person who loves the new and dislikes the old, but every time I really only want to be nice to a member of the opposite sex, I always worry about this good day being thrown away.

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The human heart is fragile, no one is willing to pay blindly, but can’t see any return, it is really uncomfortable to always be passive.

At this age of longing for love, I also have too many thoughts. I don’t want to discuss heavy topics, don’t want to face indifferent words, don’t want to be hit too much, and don’t want to be under invisible pressure.

But when I look back, they have always been with me.

What does the opposite of love is not hate it’s indifference? Many people are like this. Only when the real is lost will they know how to cherish. You know, not every time I’m sorry can be exchanged for a sentence of sorry.

Maybe it is really impossible to hold on anymore. The two people will no longer say nothing to each other as before. As a result, they are getting further and further away from each other, at least in my opinion.

It may be a bit too extreme, but the feeling is like this, if it is gone, it is gone, because I gave it to you. When I left, although I was a little bit reluctant, it may not be a good thing for each other.

There is no love for no reason, and no hate for no reason.

In many cases, choosing to let go is another expression of love.

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