What to say after sex?

What to say after sex

What to say after sex? As the innate nature of human beings, the two things of diet and men and women are inevitably going through the trilogy of “preparation-halfway-after-sex”, and neither is indispensable.

Take food as an example. If you watch a Japanese TV show in the middle of the night, unfortunately, “Late Night Canteen” will provoke the gluttons in your stomach. You rush to the kitchen to find the ingredients and cook them in an underwater pot to cook and eat them. The pots and pans are glowing with oil, waiting for your cleaning…


What to say after sex? is also the aftermath. The matter of men and women is more complicated than washing the dishes. Throwing sets, scrubbing, and changing the sheets are aside for the time being. The emotional and psychological communication is very important. And the man should pay more attention to more points: “Don’t smoke a cigarette immediately afterwards to make yourself look like an aunt or a prostitute”, “You should not put on your pants and leave immediately afterwards”, and so on.

In contrast, women’s aftermath work is much simpler: “Don’t talk to men afterwards, you should understand that they are very tired.” From the perspective of women, a perfect sex life is certainly indispensable. I retired to the enemy and harassed me, but afterwards the enemy was exhausted and I was hit, but it was greatly undesirable.

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01 Aftermath work, men and women are different


What to say after sex? The furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but the man is eager to sleep and the woman wants to talk. How to deal with the problem of “aftercare” with a correct attitude towards life? The scientists gave their opinions. In 1979, Halpern & Sherman (Halpern&Sherman) put forward a theory that the time interval after intercourse (Post-CoitalTimeInterval, PCTI, also commonly known as the “after the event” period) is in a sexual relationship A great time for the two parties to successfully establish an emotional bond. The shorter this period of time (such as turning over and falling asleep), the more likely it is to damage the emotional connection between the two.

What to say after sex? And the different attitudes of men and women in the aftermath of the event may be related to the reproductive strategies of the two sexes. For men whose strategies are broadcast species, having multiple sexual partners means that they have great success in reproduction. Therefore, before entering a monogamous marriage, men tend to avoid promises unconsciously.

What to say after sex? The manifestation of this emotion after the fact is that men are unwilling to talk to each other and flirt to consolidate the emotional connection, and simply fall asleep. For women, due to the limited number of offspring they can have in their lifetime, they tend to be cautious when choosing a lifelong partner. After the incident, women will more actively look for topics to chat with men, hoping that the person next to their pillow can accompany them through their lives.

02 Boldly assume, carefully verify

What to say after sex? However, the theory is the theory. Even though the images of men and women after the fact are deeply ingrained, today, decades later, there are still people who feel the need to test this idea. Daniel Crewe, School of Public Health, University of Michigan Professor Kruger summed up the two existing assumptions: if the time after the event really plays an important role in maintaining the relationship between the two, then there must be more people whose sexual partners snore early. Emotional needs. In addition, considering the reproductive strategies of both sexes, Professor Kruger also assumed that men are more likely to fall asleep after sex.

Limited to the particularity of the research subject, it is naturally not feasible to obtain first-hand observational data. Kruger took undergraduates from two universities as the research objects and successfully collected 456 samples by using an anonymous online questionnaire. After removing 163 students who did not have a What to say after sex? life with integrity and 18 students who claimed to be homosexual, Kruger began to analyze the data. In the selected samples, Kruger found that when his partner (not limited to men and women) sleeps earlier than himself after sex, they desire more emotional bondage and communication.

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03.What to say after sex?

In the survey on who fell asleep first, Kruger set up 5 options, the corresponding scores are: 1. Basically it is me; 2. Often it is me; 3. Both sides are similar; 4. Often the other side; 5. Basically It’s the other party. When asked which party fell asleep first after sex, the answers given by both men and women were unexpectedly consistent: the average answer given by the man was 3.03, and the average answer given by the woman was 3.05, which means that there was no answer in this survey. There is a general sense of “male falling asleep and falling asleep”.

What to say after sex? In the survey of sleeping without sex, the woman still gave the number 3.01, while the man’s answer was surprising-3.31! This means that if you do not follow up in time, women are more likely to fall asleep.

Kruger explained it this way: Because men are eager to pass on their own seeds, even sharing a bed with their sexual partners cannot make men feel safe, for fear that women will have relations with other men after they fall asleep. What to say after sex? So before sowing, the male must first confirm that his partner is asleep before he can fall asleep at ease. Although human civilization has developed for so many years, the insecurities in the male bones and the corresponding “surveillance mechanism” still remain to this day.

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What to say after sex? Kruger believes that his research suggests that sex does not stop at the end of the process of sexual intercourse. Regardless of men and women, “after the fact” behavior preference also reveals the attitude of oneself and the other party in choosing a mate. Regarding my own experiment, there is no expected result that “men are more likely to fall asleep after the fact”, “either our research methods are not credible enough to reflect this fact; or we have always misunderstood men”, Kruger Say so in the discussion section of the paper.

What to say after sex? Considering that in the process of “doing things”, men tend to exert more physical strength, and oxytocin after orgasm can also help sleep. If the boyfriends of your female compatriots are about to fall asleep symptoms , Please forgive me too-you must know that this is not only a psychological phenomenon, but also a physical phenomenon. And if you guys dont want to discourage their girlfriends, you might as well cheer up and talk a few more words.

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