You dont love me quotes

You dont love me quotes

You dont love me quotes. My dear baby, if you cant let go, let go, if you open your hand, you will let go.

The so-called letting go is to break the contact with him. Dont send fast hands, dont make vibrato, dont post to Moments, so that he cant find you, give everything to time, time is a good medicine to heal wounds.

The more you are ignored, the more you are afraid of losing. You know he doesn’t like you, so why do you still die?

You dont love me quotes. People cant wake up a person who pretends to be asleep. The scary thing is that many times we cant wake up even pretending to be asleep. Knowing that beauty only exists in my own imagination, I still stubbornly deceive myself. Actually, I want to ask you, why you still refuse to give up if you know he doesn’t like you?

Persistence allows us to accomplish many things, but only in love, it is not that you persist, that person will choose to love you with affection.




You dont love me quotes. On the bus off work the other day, I ran into a girl who was sitting next to me looking at the phone in a daze. I accidentally glanced at her mobile phone screen that was on, and found that she was staring at someones blank circle of friends. The persons circle of friends only has a line of irony, and only the background picture of the portrait and the album can be seen, but the girl looked at it for a long time, and then she opened the dialogue and sent out a message “I miss you.” Reply to her as if she had made up her mind. Yes, it is a message saying “You are not a friend of the other party”.

You dont love me quotes. At that moment, I especially sympathized with this stranger who met by the water, how humble people are, so that after being forgotten by the other party, they can still pay attention and think of you foolishly.

I don’t know if you ever wanted to laugh at yourself for a moment. I’ve been stupid and can’t let go. But just like everyone has to go through some thorough heartbreaking in order to be more mature and stable, no one is born indifferent. When humble into the dust, I guess you must look down on yourself a little.

We were all proud people. In this life we want to live in love and be proud forever, but we have become disgraced in an unreachable love. In fact, there are some things we know in our hearts, just giving up is more humble. It’s more painful.

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You dont love me quotes. Have you ever imagined the ten thousand possibilities of your being together?

You imagine that he will hug you from behind when you are lonely, with your chin just touching the top of your head, you imagine yourself turning around to respond to his hug, imagine that you are no longer alone, and then stretch out your hands and hug yourself after a sudden awakening .

You don’t love me quotes. You imagine that he will accompany you by the river near dusk, you are struggling to step on his tall shadow, and you say in your heart that you will never separate ten thousand times, imagine him laughing, Then after abruptly awakened, I looked at myself still alone in the mirror. You even imagine raising a pet with him, choosing the pet’s name, and thinking about a lifetime with him. But what? It’s just imagination.

Sometimes I think love is quite ironic. I have watched many movies, heard many love songs, and read many stories. It seems that I have learned romantic feelings from these things, and I am used to thinking about things very beautifully. So it ignores the message that he doesn’t love you that was revealed long ago.

You dont love me quotes. Unfortunately, there are always people who teach us how to have, but no one tells us how to give up, especially how to give up those, only living in the goodness of imagination.

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You dont love me quotes. No one is a fool. He doesn’t like you. In fact, you already knew it. You know that he treats everyone as polite as you are, you know that he will gently reply to every message that cares about him, you know that you are an ordinary friend to him that cannot be more ordinary, and you also know him The person who is waiting has never been you. Because love is not something that can be obtained by hard work.

You dont love me quotes. He can’t see your carefully drawn makeup, can’t see the gifts you prepared carefully, can’t hear the bitterness and affection in your words, and can’t understand you, love you, or hug you. So you have known for a long time that you are willing to become a flattering look, like a puppy expecting the owner to touch, like a rose that has been waiting for the little prince until withering.

But why don’t you let it go? Why are you still trying to piece together his message in the middle of the night and miss it? Why do you still refuse to turn when you know the future is an abyss? Why leave all the entanglements and heartaches for yourself, and why do you take him more seriously than yourself?




People are really strange animals. The less they can get them, the more they want them. The more they are ignored, the more they are afraid of losing.

You don’t love me quotes. You have imagined thousands of ways to walk with him, but you never thought about this section of the road, how you can finish it wonderfully alone; you think that giving up is more painful than humble, but you forget the humble queen Your giving up makes your heart hurt even more; you think the fluke you have in your heart will one day really make him change his mind, but you don’t know that this lasting love is just your wishful thinking, but it is a burden that others don’t want to mention.

You dont love me quotes. Why hold on? In fact, we all know that not letting go is really ugly.

You dont love me quotes. Maybe many people have stumbled in love, until many years have passed, and when we look back, we find that paranoia has not brought us any benefits. I remember like a child, I like toys in other peoples hands. I clung to them and didnt want to let them go. But they didnt belong to me. I had to return them in the end. The longer I hold them, the tighter I hold them. When I return them, The more painful.

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On the road of love, if you know you cant fall in love, let go of those so-called fantasies.

You dont love me quotes. Loving someone who doesn’t love you at all is like loving Mount Fuji. You can only look at it from a distance, and you can never move it away. If you know that he doesn’t love you, then let go. Our lives, multiple stories, are good. At least it proves that that person has actually been here. Rest assured, we will all be happy.

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