Sexual messages copy and paste.

Sexual messages copy and paste.

Sexual messages copy and paste.

“What do you fantasize about seeing this sentence?”

“I wanna tease you on the bed, fuck you on the table, eat you out in the shower.”

When you receive such a message from a special person, you will suddenly feel warm and uplifted, your heartbeat speeds up, and the air suddenly hot flashes even when you are sleepy.

Flirting messages are not just text messages. It also includes audio, photos, videos and even emoticons. Yes, a sexy moan, a naked selfie, a video full of desire, and even an emoticon with a tongue sticking out can be used. For flirting material.

Sexual messages copy and paste. Why do people like flirting messages?

Of course, the most direct reason is our brain. The sexiest organ in our body is not the genitals, but the brain. When we see flirting information, the part of our brain responsible for reward is activated, dopamine is released, and it will drive you to want more, “Just give me a little more stimulation, I It will be more pleasant.” For women, oxytocin is also released during this process, and they feel intimate pleasure. This is why many women prefer to flirt online-they get more physical pleasure.

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Sexual messages copy and paste. This is especially true when couples are separated in two places and have a long-distance relationship. This is also a trick to maintain a long-distance relationship. More flirting messages can enhance each other’s feelings.

Sexual messages copy and paste. Another example is an asexual marriage. After only a few sexual encounters a year, people will feel alienated and pressured from their partners sex. Although they want to change the status quo, people are stressed because of the pressure. It is difficult to naturally present your own demands and desires to the other party. At this time, the flirting message can become a bridge. You can post a small pornographic video and add text, “This is what I will do to you after I get home. of……

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When faced with flirting messages, people can do nothing except finger operation on the phone. People get intimacy without having sex. For many relationships, it is very important to have pleasure without pressure.

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