Should i tell my ex i miss him?

Should i tell my ex i miss him

Should i tell my ex i miss him? These questions are often asked by girls, and I always find it interesting when I am asked similar questions. Because of fear of being forgotten, so always want to move the way to touch each other.

There is a common perception among these women that they want their ex to miss them, and therefore assume that their ex wants that, too.

And a lot of girls who want to make it back will think that if they don’t tell their ex-boyfriend that they are still waiting for him, his ex-boyfriend will think that she has moved on. The truth is, people are only interested in people who like them.

But this seems to contradict the salvage strategy, where I often emphasize controlling my feelings of need and hiding my feelings until the time is right.

But if you really think about it, controlling your sense of need doesn’t mean you don’t have your sense of need.

Should i tell my ex i miss him? So when I tried to answer this question, two key concepts came to mind: timing and positioning.

What does that mean? Don’t tell your ex you miss them without knowing who you are and where you are. Don’t tell your ex-boyfriend that you miss him too soon or prematurely.

Yes, you can tell your ex that you miss him, and you can let your ex know that you still have feelings for him, but you should be careful when and how you say it.


01 Get in position


Should i tell my ex i miss him? This is a common mistake that most people make when they’re trying to get it back. Can not accept the fact that break up, always use the identity of the girlfriend to treat the former.

So when she has a need for her ex-boyfriend, eager to get her ex-boyfriend’s care, she always kidnaps him in the name of love. She wants her ex-boyfriend back. She wants her ex-boyfriend to miss her.

Should i tell my ex i miss him? But since he chose to break up with you, it means he is not satisfied with the way you are. Trying to get your ex to meet your needs before you get rid of his negative image of you will only make him resent you more and more.

When your ex breaks up with you, telling him how much you miss him and showing him how much you need him will make him think you’re childish. He won’t be impressed, he’ll just be bored by your high needs.

Erich Fromm, author of The Art of Loving, said: “Immature, childish love is: ‘I love you, because I need you. ‘Mature love says,’ I need you because I love you. ‘”

So when he turns against you, your identity is someone he needs to guard against. Telling him that you missed him will only cause him to have even more negative assumptions about you.

Recovering requires you to put yourself in the right place and only do what you can do at each stage.


02 When can you tell your ex-boyfriend that you have feelings for him?


Should i tell my ex i miss him? For the grasp of the opportunity, in the recovery is always the most noteworthy topic. The right time, the implementation of the right strategy, can always play a double effect with half the effort.

Doing the right thing at the wrong time can be equally frustrating. So when you’re thinking about telling your ex about your feelings, be sure to consider: Is now the time to do it?

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Fortunately, after a lot of practice, I’ve found that there are four tips that can help you:

Tidal theory

Should i tell my ex i miss him? If you’ve ever seen the ocean, you’ve seen the tide rise and fall. In fact, everything works according to certain rules.

When it comes to retrieving an ex-boyfriend, there are also natural rules to follow. As you recover, you need to slowly increase the intensity and frequency of your ex’s contact.

It’s like watching a rising tide when you’re at the beach. It’s a subtle and natural process. Slowly build up potential energy, pushing up the tide.

Most people who are trying to save something often make the mistake of being impatient and always trying to get a result. So she always does the wrong thing at the wrong time.

This kind of practice will bring great pressure to the ex-boyfriend.

I always believe that recovery is a strategic activity, during which the recovery advantage is accumulated continuously, forming a snowball effect. This will help you take control and trigger your ex’s emotions at just the right time to make him regret it.

Should i tell my ex i miss him? And some girls naively think that as long as the former contact for a period of time, he will come back. They didn’t do the necessary groundwork to rationalize their change, and the Avengers found out that their ex didn’t believe she was going to change.

So I want you to remember that tidal theory means laws of nature. To make the change reasonable, the attraction process to your ex must be natural.

Don’t let your ex think you’re trying too hard, but try to subtly influence and change his way of thinking about you.

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Subtle hints

By naturally advancing the relationship, you can give your ex subtle hints as you gradually increase the frequency and intensity of your contact with him.

Should i tell my ex i miss him? Pay attention to subtlety, which channels his true feelings toward you through subconscious influences.

This means that you can’t just run to him and tell him how much you love him or that you miss him.

Normally, when you’re thinking about an ex-boyfriend, you might just say, “I miss you.”

But it’s not in line with who you are and where you are right now, and doing it too early can put pressure on your ex and lead to resentment.

So you need to lighten his mind in another way. Like what do you really miss about your ex?

How serious is his attitude towards his work? Show a joke that you both agree on? Someone in his family you’re close to?

Should i tell my ex i miss him? You could have told him, “I think Han is my hamster.”

By doing this, you can minimize the stress on his mind and show that you’re missing him.


Create a romantic atmosphere

When you’ve eliminated your ex’s negative preconceptions, you may even be able to talk to him frequently. He’s willing to take you up on a date, or he’s already met you several times.

You want him to realize that you still have feelings for him and plan a romantic date.

Find a romantic restaurant or go for a walk on the beach together after you eat.

Feel the romance and nuance, then look him in the eye and tell him you miss him. Then give him a hug, hold him for a while as if nothing has happened, let go of him, continue to walk or eat or drink.

In a romantic environment, people tend to be relatively emotional, and this is the best time to get emotional. Of course, that is, if he doesn’t hate you and wants to go out with you.

Balance relation

Should i tell my ex i miss him? Why control the sense of need? One is not to put too much pressure on the ex-boyfriend, and the other is to balance the relationship.

Once the sense of excess demand, the end is mostly not cherished. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the ratio of effort to gain.

In the movie Hitch, dating coach Hitch says that if he wants to kiss a woman, he needs to walk 90% of the way and let the woman do the other 10%.

Similarly, if you want to share your feelings with your ex, there are certain proportions to be observed.

Given who you are and where you are, you can only share 30 percent of your true feelings. The remaining 70 percent were left to their own imagination.

Should i tell my ex i miss him? Most of the time, especially with men, you just need to give them a little guidance and feedback before they feel comfortable and emotionally overwhelmed.

The right approach is the 30/70 strategy above, downplaying your feelings. For example, if “I miss you” is 100%, then “I miss Hanhan” becomes 30%, leaving the remaining 70% up to him to guess and supplement.

If you think Han, he’s going to think about it, is he thinking about him? But he can’t be sure, because you’re thinking of a hamster, and he’s not a hamster.

Should i tell my ex i miss him? This is also the key to advancing a relationship on a tentative basis, and the worst way to recover is to be 100 percent exposed, leaving yourself with no way back.

You will avoid the risk of rejection, which will also make him feel safe from the risk of ridicule.

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