Signs a guy is turned on.

Signs a guy is turned on

Signs a guy is turned on. Nowadays, boys can see girlscups at a glance, but girls cant see boyscups at a glance. Faced with this unfair situation, today I will teach you how to choose a big cup boy from his appearance.


1. Nose cup size

Signs a guy is turned on. For girls to see the secrets of boys, they have to start with their noses. In terms of physiology, the nose is big and the cup is big, so it must be quite powerful when paying public food. The nose of a brave person on the bed must be high, straight and straight. The top part of the bridge of the nose between the eyes is the “mountain root”. The root should not be sunken. The best nose shape is like bamboo, and straight and straight! Girls who like behemoths must choose boys with big noses!


2. Excellent function of full eye bags

Signs a guy is turned on. The bag under the eyes reflects a person’s heart and kidney organs. When it comes to kidneys, it is also related to the strength of sexual desire. If the eye bags are tight and the complexion is moisturized, the expression ability is excellent. If it is a man with saggy eye bags, drooping eyes, and a filthy complexion, most of them have “only one mouth left.” Therefore, the darkened eye sockets of people who often stay up all night, in addition to reflecting poor sleep status, actually indicate that their heart and kidney functions are not good, and they will appear firm and not firm for a long time, or even lift but not shoot, not lift. The state of not shooting.

So if its a boyfriend who is not allowed to work overtime and stays up late at work, the little fairy should be more active when her boyfriend pays public food, but if the boy is weak when paying public food because of playing games every day and staying up late, then she will pass directly. Drop, bye bye the next one is better!

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3. Good incisor cleanliness ability

Signs a guy is turned on. In physiognomy, the front teeth represent the part of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in turn controls the human endocrine system, which indirectly or directly affects the secretion of sex hormones, so when the front teeth are clean and bright, Associated with the body is healthy and full of blood; on the contrary, men with weakened blood of course have poor sexual performance.

In addition to the face, other body parts will also reflect the strength of sexual desire!

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4. Strong muscles will last for a long time

Signs a guy is turned on. Strong muscles are not only a visual enjoyment, but also a beautiful tactile enjoyment when you experience it in person! Boys who are weak and weak will be slightly inferior in continuity and explosiveness. So it! A man who loves sports and has strong muscles is the best life partner!


5. Palm size

Signs a guy is turned on. Often the palms are big, and the boyscups are also big, so when youre dating, try to pull each others small hands and compare, especially if the palm is not as big as a girls, you need to pay attention at this time.


6. The buttocks are firm and can hold for a long time

Signs a guy is turned on. The strong buttocks are not only a visual enjoyment, but also an impactful feeling when experiencing it in person. Boys with no meat on the hips are slightly inferior in terms of sustainability and explosiveness, so boys who love sports and have strong and small buttocks are the best companions!


7. Those with strong body hair

Some peoples limbs, chest, and belly button are surrounded by dense forests. This is related to their own male hormones. Of course, the more male hormones, the stronger the sexual ability, so the little fairy can wash her boyfriend when she washes. Just take a look at it secretly!

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