Signs he wants you back but is scared.

Signs he wants you back but is scared

Signs he wants you back but is scared. Once there was a sincere love in front of me, I didn’t cherish her, and I couldn’t regret it until I lost it.

In reality, people are always afraid of not getting more, because people’s desires are endless. Therefore, the more unobtainable, the more people want to get it, and when he gets it, he will not cherish it. In fact, most people are more afraid of losing what they have than they are afraid of not getting it.

To give a simple example, it’s like you want an apple, but the price is that you lose a peach. Faced with this situation, people usually measure the value of both parties and then make a trade-off. Once people have this kind of thought, it shows that he is afraid of losing his existing peaches.

Signs he wants you back but is scared. Because people always want to get more things without paying any price. This is human nature. In fact, to restore is to look at human nature. If you can understand human nature, it is actually very simple to restore.

The same goes for the emotional realm. The other party broke up with you because he has a better choice than you now, or the other party has a better life, so he can completely abandon you and chase what you want.

Signs he wants you back but is scared. But the other person is still afraid of losing you, although the other person is not necessarily afraid of losing you, but afraid of losing your goodness to him, losing your care for him, losing you for so many years Feelings. So why does the other party still leave you?

Yes, the other party is afraid of losing you, but the other party is more afraid of your troubles and your unreasonableness, so the other party will leave without looking back.

Because this kind of life is not what he wants, at this time, it is like paying the price of a peach that is about to rot in exchange for a better apple. The contradiction between you is not developed in a day or two. The other party did not leave before because of fear of losing you and not being able to get a better life. This is the reason.

You have to understand one thing, all salvation cannot be completed in one or two days. Because redemption must be a process, you have to grow first. If you dont grow up, its impossible to save the other person.

Signs he wants you back but is scared. Even if the other party comes back, your relationship is still in the previous state, and it is impossible to restore him at this time.

Therefore, restoration is a process. Then I hope that in the process of redemption, everyone will let themselves grow first, and then lead the other person to grow. This must take a certain amount of time.

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So you need to learn how to love someone and how to live a better life for yourself. Only then can you lead the other person to a better life.

After breaking up, I usually advocate. It is recommended that students freeze each other for a period of time. This may be three days, maybe a week or even half a month, depending on the situation. What is the meaning of freezing?

Signs he wants you back but is scared. If you disappear into the other person’s world at this point, the other person will feel that he has lost you, and he will more or less be afraid of losing.

After a person breaks up, there will be a period of negation of the other party. What you need is to appear in front of the other party in a brand new posture after creating a negative period. This is a tipping point. It will trigger the fear and loss of psychology buried in the heart of the other party.

So what exactly must be done to achieve this effect? The first thing you have to do is to rebuild your life. Only if one’s own life is exciting enough, the other person will be more sure of the fear of losing.

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Signs he wants you back but is scared. To do this, you have to have your own life, which means you have to have things you like to do, and this thing has nothing to do with the other party. You might have said that the other person is my entire life. I don’t have anything I like. What does this mean?

This shows that your trust mentality is too heavy, and you put the focus of your life on the other person. At this time, you are a burden to the other party. When the burden gets heavier, can the other party not leave you? So you need to find the joy of your own life, whether it’s making friends or traveling, or even learning something you like and interest.

Signs he wants you back but is scared. You will slowly discover that you still like sports, still like cooking, and still like to meet friends. You will gradually change your life It’s better.

Only then will you really live for yourself, and your own unique attraction will be discovered. Just imagine, when a better you appears in front of the other person, will he not be afraid to lose such a good you? At this time, your recovery will be twice the result with half the effort.

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