How important is spending time together in a relationship?

not spending enough time together relationship

How important is spending time together in a relationship?

1. Realistic love is full of reason, and sometimes you have to learn to let go. Love is not the whole life.

2. The conflicts that cannot be coordinated at the beginning will always accompany this relationship.

3. Maintain an independent personality at all times and don’t lose yourself.

4. Distinguish the moving and the like, otherwise it will be a waste of two people’s time.

5. There is nothing that should be taken care of, including the love and tolerance of the other party. So you can’t enjoy his good with peace of mind, everything needs to be reciprocated.

6. When you have the idea of parting, break up quickly, don’t procrastinate, because you will eventually break up.

7. Remember not to have a good impression of others across the screen.

8. If a person really loves you, he will take the initiative to contact you.

9. Economic independence!

10. Girls are really tired after chasing boys. Don’t try it lightly.

How important is spending time together in a relationship?

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11. Girls should not be too sensible in their relationships. Your sensibility is an excuse for him to hurt you. (I think you can do it yourself)

12. A mans words are really true and weigh which sentence is true and which sentence is false. The love words he said to you may turn his head and tell others!

13. No matter what problems arise, communicate more, be patient, and be tolerant!

14. Never regard his game as a rival in love, otherwise you will only fail miserably! It is best that you have your own interests when he is playing!

15. Don’t associate his kindness to you with the identity of a boyfriend. No one should do that. Learn to respect and thank each other.

16. Be relieved.

17. Don’t be willful, don’t shake your face.

18. Know that there is nothing you deserve, so you know how to cherish it.

19. You can continue to live if you lose anything, so you know how to love yourself.

20. Never love someone in a humble attitude.

How important is spending time together in a relationship?

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21. Break up when you find betrayal! Don’t forgive! Don’t forgive! Don’t forgive!

22. Love must operate, and both parties must be equal. When each other’s contributions are extremely unequal, this relationship will definitely go to a dead end.

23. When he says he is tired, he just doesn’t love you anymore.

24. Don’t indulge yourself because of broken love, it’s not worth it.

25. Each other should have personal space, hobbies, circle of friends and social circle.

26. Don’t chase a horse. Use the time of chasing horses to plant grass, and when the flowers bloom in spring, there will be a group of horses to choose from.

27. Don’t overdo it, use it as a way to let him prove that he loves you. Men will be annoying and tired.

28. Don’t feel that you have paid so much and refuse to score. If you continue, you will only pay more and be exhausted. Stop in time if you go the wrong way.

29. After breaking up, don’t get in touch with each other, and go straight and clean. Trying to make reconciliation will only make people feel cheap! Live your life after you leave.

30. Don’t want to fall in love because of loneliness, and don’t fall in love because of loneliness.

How important is spending time together in a relationship?

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31. Live well, manage yourself well, sooner or later someone will appreciate your goodness.

32. Never deny yourself just because the other party leaves.

33. In the world of men, this is generally not endured. If you like it, I will send you a message and call to meet. If you don’t connect, you don’t like it that much. Don’t give him all kinds of excuses.

34. Know how to keep a bit of love for yourself, don’t devote yourself 100%.

35. Whether it is the first day of being together or for a long time, as long as you still like each other, you should treat each day as the day before the breakup. After all, I dont know which sentence means farewell.

36. Proper pairing is very important. The story of the prince and Cinderella will only appear in fairy tales. Two people who are in love are together, there is only the right pair. In order to have the same values and consumption outlook. Otherwise, the two parties will not be able to integrate into the other’s world at all.

37. Don’t ask him to love you in your way. If what he does can make you feel that he loves you, there is no need to force him to use your way. You only need to be sure that he loves you.

38. If you separate, you will forget about each other. There are already rifts in the feelings, which can’t be repaired again. Don’t feel that you can’t find it after you break up, or that it’s better if you can’t find something. That is impossible! Let your eyes go! When thinking about him in particular, think about the excessive things he did.

39. Reconcile with yourself.

40. No matter how difficult it is, you can walk past it. Time and space will slowly scab the wound. There will eventually be a day when you will move backwards because of your different life paths, and there will also be a day when you will peacefully accept him and others holding hands to death.

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