26 deep things to say your boyfriend that you must know!

Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.this will not only increase your feelings, and it will keep you passionate forever. Girls all want to know how to say some heart-warming and sweet words to impress their boyfriends.Here are 26 deep things to say your boyfriend that you must know!

01  Heart-warming words to boyfriend!

1. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.I traveled across the mountains and ridges to see you, just to hear your shortness of breath in my ears!

2. Boys take a bath for 5 minutes, while girls take half an hour. So the question is, how long does it take for men and women to wash together?

3. The three strongest heartbeats in the first half of my life occurred when I was called by the teacher in class, when I stepped down the stairs, and when you smiled at me.

4. Do you know why? Because after I wake up tomorrow, I still love you very much.

5. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.Hey, I dreamed of you last night! Did you think I missed you or did I miss you?


6. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.There may not be a reason to love you, although there can be reasons, such as you are smart, you are pure, you are cute, you are a good person, etc., but the main reason is probably that you are completely suitable for my taste. So you still know that I am selfish, so don’t be grateful to me.

7. “How many fingers do you have on your left hand” “5” “How many eyes do you have” “2” “How many mouths do you have” “1” “Well, I love you too”.

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8. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.Do you know what your greatest strength is? In summary, it is five words! Will pick a girlfriend.

9. It’s too short to like you in terms of minutes and seconds, unless the loess and bones.

10. I must live one more minute than you, so that when you leave, let me hold your hand, just like we usually sleep.

11. My head hurts, and I feel I need to take medicine.” “Where is the medicine? I’ll get it”! Give my boyfriend a kiss: “The medicine is here, but it’s sweet”!

12. Long nights, no sleep, let’s chat!

13. The deep sea will not heat up with a cup of boiling water. I do not like you because of the three-point heat. Maybe you are not the best, but it is what I want most.

14. Whenever I think of you all night, warmth always floods into my eyes. I’m so afraid that I will never meet the second you again. The rest of my life is too long. You are so unforgettable.

02 sweet words to tell your boyfriend

1. Whether you are by my side or on the horizon, thinking of you in the corner of the world, I feel that the whole world has become gentle and stable.

2. If I can have 999 times of good luck in this life, I am willing to give you 997 times, and only leave two for myself: once to meet you, once to accompany you forever!

3. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.“As long as you want, when you are upset and need a shoulder, tell me that I will show up immediately.” She doesn’t love him, but he doesn’t care about it, and says without regret.

4. Good things are hard to come by. When the road of love is bumpy, a man is like a real man, firm and stubborn, giving a woman such a reassurance, woman He can elope.

5.but I know that when I wake up tomorrow, the person I love the most is you.

6. Actually, people like me who are selfish and lazy, afraid of trouble others, and at the same time afraid of being troubled. Most of the time, I want to live alone in this world. Although lonely, I am relaxed and free. For a small part, I kind of want to be with you.

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7. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.If you are ugly, I might be able to take you to go shopping, watch movies, eat a Western meal, take a walk, watch the stars and watch the moon, and talk about philosophy of life from poems and songs, but you are so beautiful that I just want to fall in love with you .


8. Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.I want to tell you the sudden thoughts every moment, but I still think that one aspect of growing up is to be “not dependent”!

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9. I give you my entire soul, together with its quirks, playing a small temper, flickering light and dark, and one thousand eight hundred bad things. It’s really annoying, only a little good, love you.

10. Do you want to know what my love for you is? I like you from the bottom of my heart and feel that your every move is very kind. I am not happy that you like others more than me. If you like others I will cry, but I still like you.

11. Sometimes I really like you and want to be with you, and sometimes you are really tired and want to give up, but your occasional gentleness always makes me feel that if you really like me a little bit and I It’s a pity that I let go, so just for such a little ignorance that there is no like, I waited for you for a long, long time.

12. The boy broke up with the girl. The boy told the girl to go first. The girl turned and left. The boy looked at her back obsessively. After the girl turned around, she couldn’t stop sobbing, her back trembled and she walked away. The girl squatted on the ground, ignoring the eyes of passersby, crying loudly.

How many spring and autumn have passed, I finally met you at the right time! My dear, thank you for making me: end the lonely drifting; end the fight of the soul; find a sweet home, and stick to it from now on!


Only for you, I have true love in my heart, the sunrise and sunset, I just look forward to waiting for you to come back as soon as possible; you are my dream, the dream is still strong, the spring, summer, autumn and winter love is like the sea, my love exists only for you.

Deep things to say your boyfriend at some point.When you are happy, I am a sweet candy, when you are upset, I am a healthy snack, when you are sad, I am a cup of warm milk, for you, I stay away from radiation, let you have fun and use it more assured.

There is a trace of sorrow in the clear afternoon, which is to miss your face; drinking a cup of coffee, the mellow bitterness, with my infinite longing, enters your heart, I wonder if you can feel it.

I think it’s me who will stand next to you in a white wedding dress.

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