What is reciprocal behavior?

reciprocal relationship

What is reciprocal relationship?A few days ago, I saw a sitcom in a female dormitory on the Internet.

A girl in blue got off the bed angrily and complained to the girl in red who was eating:

“You can’t wake up lightly in the morning. The sounds of washing, and the sound of your phone vibrating, make me unable to sleep at all.”

The girl in red put down the chopsticks in her hand, turned around, and replied indifferently.

“You ask me to speak softly, then you are still playing music at 11:30 in the evening, the phone lights are on at 12 o’clock, what time is it, and the bed board is creaking, and the three of us ask you one by one, let you Speak down, how did you reply? You say that I get up in the morning to affect you. Have you ever considered the mood that we can’t sleep because of you tossing all night?”

At this point, the small video playback is over, look at the comments below,

Most people said it well, “How old did you get used to this wayward and selfish girl?” Some people said, “The girl in red said something that she hadn’t said for many years.” Some people said, “Everyone takes a step back from each other.” Isn’t it all right?”

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Yes, wouldn’t it be enough for everyone to give in to each other?

But in real life, not all scenarios can be developed in accordance with our expectations.

Some people are domineering, some will be wronged, some are willing to help others, then naturally some people are unwilling to give their own money and give each other a penny.

What is reciprocal relationship?Going back to this small world, if the girl in blue goes to bed earlier every day or lowers her voice every day on the advice of her roommate, so that the other party can feel that you have changed, then when she expresses his dissatisfaction to her roommate At that time, the roommates will also make appropriate concessions, so that everyone is not embarrassed now, and this contradiction is likely to continue to escalate.

What is reciprocal relationship?In fact, in real life, there are many similar contradictions in marriage, husband and wife getting along, office colleagues contact, and friends interaction. This is a principle of interpersonal communication and seesaw reciprocity that I want to discuss with you today.

What is reciprocal relationship?So what is the principle of seesaw reciprocity?

As the name suggests, two people on the seesaw will have a chance to rise when they press down on each other. You come and go, both of them are happy to play, but if only one party is willing to press down, then the game can only stop.

Simply put, it is mutual benefit.

What is reciprocal relationship?What is reciprocal relationship?In fact, the interaction between people is like sitting on a seesaw. If one party has been unwilling to pay and stays at the high end that I have taken, not allowing the person at the other end to enjoy the happiness and enjoyment brought by the high end. The game will end soon, everyone will fall to the ground, and the relationship will be broken.

What is reciprocal relationship?What is reciprocal relationship?Giving seems like a sacrifice, but in fact, by giving others what they need, you can also get something more worth cherishing.

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01 Help others, you will bring happiness


The origin of this principle is an experiment done by a university professor,

He randomly selected some people from a group of unknown people and sent them Christmas cards.

What is reciprocal relationship?He thought that only a small number of people would respond, but unexpectedly, the rebate card was sent back like snowflakes. Most people who gave the card did not even ask who he was. After they received the card’s blessing , He took the initiative to give back one.

Although the scale of this experiment is small, it cleverly proves the role of the principle of interpersonal reciprocity in people’s behavior.

In real life, we always repay what others have done for us in the same way as possible.

What is reciprocal relationship?What is reciprocal relationship?The interaction between people is like sitting on a seesaw. Anyone who cares about, helps and is friendly is a mutual process. A person who never suffers from a loss and is unwilling to give in will not be happy even if he really gets a lot of benefits.

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02 Mutual assistance will make you better survive


What is reciprocal relationship?Two hungry people trekking along the road received a gift from God: a fishing rod and a basket of fresh fish.

One gets the fish, and the other enjoys the fresh fish exclusively. After allocating the rewards, they parted ways.

The people who got the fresh fish couldn’t wait to cook the fish. After a gluttonous meal, they continued on the road, but they had no food and eventually starved to death by the roadside.

The person who got the fishing rod walked to the beach. But the sky was high and the road was far away. Because there was no food to satisfy his hunger along the way, he eventually fell on the road.

A few years later, two more people embarked on the journey again. In the same way, they also received the gift of God: fishing rod and fresh fish.

What is reciprocal relationship?The two people did not break up because of the distribution of benefits, on the contrary, they decided to find the sea together.

On the way, they decided to eat only one fish at a time. After eating the last fish, the blue sea finally appeared in front of him. They flew to the beach, caught their first fish with a fishing rod, and lived a prosperous life with the sea ever since.

What is reciprocal relationship?People who don’t know how to share are always accompanied by shortsightedness. The journey is long, and I only see the sesame seeds in front of me, and I will definitely throw away the watermelon in the future. To part ways for profit is the most unpleasant stupidity.

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Only by choosing a good partner, knowing how to share with others and learning from each other, can we go further in the long road of life. “Seesaw reciprocity principle” is an indispensable art for you and me when we get along with colleagues, friends, couples…

Do you now understand the principle of seesaw reciprocity?

You might as well think about it, what are the applicable principles in your life that have brought you good memories and associations, and what have you violated this principle and brought trouble to your life instead?

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