When a guy takes hours to text back.

When a guy takes hours to text back.

When a guy takes hours to text back. In the process of interpersonal communication, we all want to be respected, which is also the most basic psychological need of people.

In the process of getting along with people, if we do not get the feeling of respect from his words and deeds. No response or slow response to your message.

Of course, it is not that you are not respected, it may be caused by other psychological factors.

People who are slow to respond to your message can explain some of the problems.

Generally speaking, the psychological reasons for his slow response to your message are as follows.


1. You are not important enough

Many girls will ask a question, why they chat with their favorite person, and they don’t know why they are going after chatting.

Or he is very cold towards me and always does not reply to me.

In psychology, when we deal with some things, we always make choices in our hearts. We will classify these things into 369 grades, and the most important people should come first.

When we make a choice or reply to a message, we always consciously or unconsciously think of the most important person in our hearts. If he divides you into unimportant groups, he will not reply to you and will not prioritize your information.

On the contrary, if you are an important person in his mind, or you have a strong interest or connection, he will definitely reply as soon as possible.

He doesn’t answer you just because you are not that important.


2. I dont want to talk to you

Although you have sent him a lot of news, he just doesn’t want to chat with you.

There may be nothing to talk about between two people. They always stumble, or think you are boring and cannot talk together.

People who dont want to chat with you will respond very slowly, so that they will gradually weaken your desire to chat.

I don’t want to let myself feel the feeling of being restrained, so I deliberately didn’t reply to your message, so that you stopped the idea of chatting with him.

In this way, the two of you cannot chat in time, so the relationship cannot be established.


3. Repel you

If this person hates you a little bit and repels you a little bit, he doesn’t want to communicate with you too much.

The message you sent is just an interruption, he doesnt want to chat with you,

But this may be out of courtesy or self-cultivation, and it may reply to you from time to time. Then he will show indifference to you and show his negative attitude by extending the response time.

In order to let you retreat, even if they reply to you, they may reply in a very perfunctory manner, such as taking a shower for a day and being very busy every day.

Maybe you are not the type he likes, so he is a little repulsive in his heart, so he neglects you through slow message reply.

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4. Normal state

Why doesn’t he always reply to me? Does he not like me?

He was very busy in replying to me, he must not be interested in me, right?

Maybe not all girls have the above thoughts, but if they are slow to reply to your message, it may not be that they don’t like you, but they value you.

Everyone has a special busy time, but even the other person is really busy. But this is still a matter of contact. Your prompt response is very slow, which means that he also values you very much.

He may not tell you that he is busy because he still wants to talk to you, that is, his reply is very slow, but he still wants to hear from you and still wants to chat with you.

This is normal, and it depends on how a person really feels about you. You can’t just look at one thing, you have to look at the whole picture.


5. Deliberate

If you are not together now, but appear ambiguous, then his slow response to messages is actually a small psychological skill.

When the outsider responds slowly, you will slowly start to feel uneasy. Think about why he answered so slowly, what is his mentality?

You may look up many articles on the Internet and get answers. In fact, if a person is more difficult to get a thing, then we will cherish it more.

All the uneasiness in your heart is self-suggestion, which shows that you really care about him.

So, if the other party is slow to reply to your message, it’s just that the other party is engaging in psychological tactics with you.

He will also measure his position in your heart based on your reaction.

Some people are slow to reply to your message. It may be due to various reasons, not necessarily disrespect you, and it depends on the specific situation.

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