Why your ex is being mean?

Why your ex is being mean

Why your ex is being mean? Your predecessor is a man who speaks, provocative, poisonous, and pretending to be mean. When you get along with this kind of boyfriend, you must pay attention to accepting the blow from the soul at all times. You can’t turn back. , There is emotion, and when there is emotion, a glass heart is put on, self-esteem is too strong, strong hat.

Let me say a few impressive things. When I first met him, he was really good in my heart, patient, gentle, excellent in character, rich in knowledge, elegant in conversation, and able to meet my spiritual needs, and he was good-looking. Yes, I love him very much.

How do you know if your ex still cares about you? Once we talked about traveling, I looked forward to all the good things with him in the future, and said one thing: in the future, we will play around and travel everywhere together, and take these memories into short vibrato The video is kept as a souvenir…

Then the boyfriend said: Why don’t I go out with someone who can play Douyin! Hahahahaha.

Why your ex is being mean? I endured my temper and said: The platform is not guilty. It depends on how I use it. It’s pretty good to use it to pat things.

The predecessor continues: Don’t talk about you, anyway, I won’t go to play with people who play Douyin. Those who play Douyin are my enemies!

After a year and a half, I remembered this, and still felt how stupid I was at that time, who was full of longing for the beauty of him.

How do you know your ex isn’t over you? There are many similar incidents. In this love, I went from being a girl full of beautiful expectations to becoming more and more hostile, and from communicating with him in the first time. When he became an open mouth, he was stunned. He used to tell me that he and his ex-girlfriends are basically stunned. Maybe he is used to this mode, but I am not used to it.

Of course, from the perspective of my predecessor, I have a glass heart, sensitive, fragile, and strong in self-esteem. If I don’t pay attention, I’m hurt.

Maybe it is, I am sensitive, fragile, glass-hearted, and I am too firm. After I deleted the chat history and your photos again and again, I still did not leave you firmly. I overestimated myself. Position in your heart.

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Why your ex is being mean? In the end, we basically ended this relationship by tearing it up. After he made another yin and yang weird speech, sour me, and made me cry with anger, he pulled me black and violently violent me, I was angry However, he yelled at him for a while, it was very ugly, and the words that I said should be the most ugly words I have said in my life.

He naturally mentioned the breakup and said that he was in pain. He didn’t want to say anything and was scolded by me, and he didn’t want to talk with fear every day, saying that he is this kind of character and virtue. If he can’t accept it, just separate. There is no need to torture him.

When he deleted me, I cried. It seemed that many good moments in the past suddenly turned into bubbles. I sighed. Two days before the breakup, I was still talking about waiting for my exam and playing chess together. He said: Blame me?

Why your ex is being mean? Suddenly I realized that in this relationship, it turns out that many things are my wishful thinking and passionate self. For him, I have never been the one to see the world together, but just a need He, the person who satisfies his sense of existence.

This is not the feeling I want, nor the person I want.

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The predecessor once said that he was disappointed in love and did not desire. I knew he had a very bloody first love, but I was a person full of expectations and fantasies about love. He said that I was too naive, and I didn’t think, He said that falling in love is a game, and I don’t agree with it. I think feelings are true for the true heart.

I always believe that sincerity may lose for a while, but I will never lose a lifetime. I have indeed suffered from love, but I am still full of expectations for love.

Why does my ex want to hurt me so much? It’s probably this feeling to get along with someone who speaks harshly. I went from being a person who never quarrels with someone in a relationship to a person full of hostility. Of course, all of this is The ex said just because I was the worst to him, and I didn’t care about him.

He just doesn’t know. Many times, I have told myself that I want to give him the best love.

Unfortunately, he lost her, and he never cherished her.

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