5 Attractive men body types

Mannequins in sunglasses

Attractive men body types: There are five types of body types for boys!

Especially the fifth, the “perfect figure” in the eyes of girls

Boys of different shapes are suitable for different clothes,

So, when different people wear different clothes,,

Will produce different visual effects, or tall or thin

I’ll talk about it today

The five body shapes of boys are suitable for different body shapes!

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Attractive men body types 1Chubby body

Most attractive male physique :

This figure is characterized by rounded shoulders,

The neck is short and the waist is fleshy.

Men who are tall and have fat on their stomachs also belong to this category!

It is recommended to choose a simple and clean basic style for a fat and tall body,

Visual subtraction can make a slender body.

If it is a leisure occasion, you can choose the elongated vertical grain shirt

Try dark vest with shirt everyday,

Dark waistcoat can tighten the excess meat of waist and abdomen,

Looks competent and handsome!!

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Attractive men body types 2Short, thin and fat

Most attractive male body shape:

In fact, this kind of figure is really bad,

Especially in love, the skeleton is small or fat

It is difficult to give girls a sense of security in appearance.

So this kind of figure, single probability is also too big!

Try not to wear long tops, because visually,

They look short and short. Try to tuck your coat in your pants,

Show your waistline. Don’t drag the legs, they can be folded

You can also choose hats and other accessories to lengthen your body,

Or clever use sole thickness, hairstyle outside add high

Attractive men body types 3Tall and thin

Most attractive body shape for a man:

I feel that many boys around me are in this shape,

Although tall and thin, boys of this size

They have long hands and feet, which are more attractive to girls,

But it’s also easy to be called a thin bamboo pole!!

Because thin, so try not to wear that kind of too soft fabric

It doesn’t look that thin. You’d better choose the coat color

And their skin color related to the spirit of a little bit!!

If the skin is dark, wear less

Dark color clothes, because it will appear more black skin!

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Attractive men body types 4Inverted triangle

Most attractive male body type:

Inverted triangle shape is the dream of many boys,

But only through long-term muscle building can we achieve the effect.

This kind of body will appear short neck and thin waist,

In the clothing collocation, we should pay attention to the top and bottom collocation to create a sense of balance.

When choosing clothes, don’t choose those with shoulder pads

Coat clothes, and to choose loose pants!!

Attractive men body types 5Golden shape

Attractive body shape male:

People of this size generally appear in fitness groups,

I’m in good shape. It’s very safe.

And dress show thin, strip have meat, born perfect figure

This proportion of the body to give full play to their own advantages on the line!

If you have to say that, you must avoid wearing loose clothes

The ruggedness of cowboys is very suitable for this type of body,,

Cool denim with Martin boots,

Excellent to set off a muscle!!

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