Oil and water break up spell.

oil and water break up spell

Oil and water break up spell. Water-oil imbalance is a phenomenon common to many people, especially young people, who often have oily T-zone and dry U-zone.

What is water and oil balance?

Water-oil balance is a word created by the beauty industry to describe the condition of the facial skin. It refers to the skin that is neither dry nor oily, the skin moisture and oil content reach a balance, the skin is healthy and shiny, and the pores are evenly distributed. Good condition.

What causes the imbalance of skin water and oil?

Oil and water break up spell. This is determined by sebum secretion. The medical field believes that hormones, especially male hormones, are the main cause. People who secrete strong male hormones produce more oil. If you have irregular, unhealthy work and rest, and stimulating eating habits, it will also affect the endocrine and thus the sebum secretion of the skin.

When the temperature is high, the amount of sebum secretion is greater; when the temperature is low, the amount of sebum secretion is reduced. Therefore, the skin is more prone to oil in summer, and the skin becomes drier in winter.

Oil and water break up spell. The humidity of the skin surface can also affect the secretion and diffusion of sebum. When the skin surface humidity is high, the emulsification and diffusion of sebum will become slow, and the speed of sebum secretion will also slow down.

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What to do if there is an imbalance between water and oil?

Knock on the blackboard, the point is here. If you want to improve the imbalance of water and oil, start with the following 3 points!

01. Endocrine

Oil and water break up spell. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a light diet, dont stay up late, dont put too much pressure on yourself, keep your mood happy, and keep exercising. It is really useful to say that it breaks the truth! ! !

02. Skin care

① Skin with more water and less oil: Because water is easier to lose, skin care products containing occlusive moisturizers can be used, such as mineral oils and waxes, silicone oils, plant and animal fats, fatty acids and esters, cholesterol, etc. . In short, remember to use skin care products containing moisturizers.

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Oil and water break up spell. Skin with less water and more oil: The oil of the skin can lock the water to a certain extent, so you must remember to moisturize more than moisturizing. Especially in summer, stop using oily skin care products and switch to skin care products with a refreshing gel texture and rich in hyaluronic acid.


T zone oil: You can use some products rich in salicylic acid and fruit acid, which have a good oil control effect.

U-zone dry: Use some milder moisturizing cream to keep your cheeks moisturized.

03. Environmental aspects

Oil and water break up spell. Put a humidifier in a limited room so that the air is not too dry.

In the final analysis, maintaining the skin’s water-oil balance is what the skin lacks and what you add. This is a combination of internal and external factors. Therefore, skin care is not entirely a matter of skin care products.

Here comes the point:

Oil and water break up spell. How to treat water and oil imbalance in medicine

T zone oil: It can fight botulinum toxin and can control oil.

U area dry: focus on replenishing water, you can inject hyaluronic acid for treatment.

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