Online dating icebreaker questions

online dating icebreaker questions

Online dating icebreaker questions. When you are in love, have you ever encountered this situation: When encountering a conflict, one is anxious and wants to solve it quickly, the other is silent and indifferent.

Even in the process of getting along, you will find that the other person sometimes ignores you for no reason or even has nothing to talk about.

The heroes and heroines in “The Year in a Hurry” thought they could fall in love freely after leaving the stressful high school life, but Chen Xun did not expect that Chen Xun would betray Fang Wei, which is regrettable.

In fact, their relationship has been problematic from the beginning. Chen Xun didn’t believe in Fang Hui at the beginning. The other two have big differences in personalities: one is sunny and lively and full of self-confidence; the other is silent and low-minded.

Online dating icebreaker questions. When Chen Xun was busy making fun and ignoring Fang Meis feelings, Fang Mei was unwilling to argue, and the gap between the two became deeper and deeper.

In a relationship, the most feared thing is that after encountering a problem, it is not solved in time, and it is delayed again and again. Lovers get along in this way, and most of them will not be stable for a long time, either they will break up, or there will be a third party.


01 What is a silent couple?

Silent couples are now a very common state.

Online dating icebreaker questions. It means that many people are very talkative in front of their friends, but face their partner like a boring gourd, without the desire to talk.

02 Silent couple life is a cold violence

Some couples are full of passion and endless topics when they first get together, and the two even have a feeling of seeing each other and hating it late, but as time goes by, the passion fades, and the relationship slowly fades, and there is no desire to communicate. , And start to play with each mobile phone.

In fact, when many couples encounter problems during their relationship, they are afraid to communicate with each other, let alone quarrel. Because they are afraid that their extreme performance will scare away the other half, they usually choose to forbearance.

Online dating icebreaker questions. However, in fact, forbearance and non-speaking are both very lethal to a relationship, no less than a quarrel.

Because in the process of love, if two people both choose to solve the problems in silence, it will only deepen the contradiction and it will be difficult to enter the next stage.

In this way of getting along, two people are not only unhappy together, but also very tired.

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The way Kan Qingzi and Ji Lingchen get along in “Dear Inn” is the epitome of many couples’ lives nowadays.

In the short film, we can see that every time they have a conflict, Kan Qingzi wants to communicate with Ji Lingchen, but Ji Lingchen will only apologize or lose his temper, or even not speak.

Online dating icebreaker questions. In the end, they did not escape the end of the breakup.

Some time ago, a fan wrote me privately, saying that when she is with her girlfriend, she always likes to lower her head to play with her mobile phone, whether it is eating or shopping.

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Online dating icebreaker questions. “When I was chatting with her, she did not look up, intentionally or unintentionally, and simply um, ah, okay, yes… and then quietly embarrassing people.”

I don’t know when, the sweet love that used to be turned into a life without sound now. I used to say that everyone has something to say, not to conceal each other, and to learn to trust each other’s promises and never know when they forgot.

In the movie “Forgive Him 77 Times”, when the two were first together, the male lead seemed to have only one female lead in his life, and he would talk to her no matter what happened.

Online dating icebreaker questions. But after getting along for a long time, after encountering various things in life, there is no common topic of deviation of values, and they have become the most familiar strangers.

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03 Dont be silent in love, couples need to learn to express

Many people will say “I love you, love you very much, don’t you know?”

Loving someone is not simply the three words “I love you”, but starting from these three words, learn to express your heart, whether it is heartbeat or words.

I remember that in “Westward Journey”, there is a classic line: “There was a sincere love in front of me. I did not cherish it. When I lost it, I regret it. The most painful thing in the world is this.”

Online dating icebreaker questions. Therefore, when we encounter love, we must firmly hold it in our hands, learn to cherish it, and do not wait for the loss to regret that we did not perform well.

Love must be expressed bravely. If you choose to be silent in love today, it may intensify your pain tomorrow.

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