How to get him to chase you again?

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 How can a girl make him chase you again? The answer is, you still have to let the boys take the initiative to chase you. Here are some tips to attract boys.

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How to get him to chase you again? 1Dress up

A boy is attracted by a girl’s appearance at the beginning. You don’t need to be beautiful. As long as the girl is dressed up, the whole person’s temperament will be better. If you don’t know how to make up and wear clothes, you can find someone who can make up to teach you and find a style suitable for you. Remember, girls’ looks are really important! You don’t just dress up at parties, you have to make it a habit. Is to learn to be a beautiful woman. hair

How to get him to chase you again? 2Make more eye contact

You should make more eye contact with the boy you are interested in, instead of staring at her all the time, looking at him when talking, and then looking away. After ten seconds, you should look away, look away, look away, look away again, and look away again. That is to pay attention to him as if he were absent, but remember to do it naturally. For example, when he walks by, you can look at him and say hello to him, After a few greetings, he will know that you have some concern for him.

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How to get him to chase you again? 3Face the boy

When talking to a boy, you can face her, which indicates that you pay more attention to him. The more parts of his body you face, the more likely he is to perceive your tendency. The girl will only face the boy he is interested in. If you do this, the boy will subconsciously pay attention to you.

How to get him to chase you again? 4Go out and have fun

When you go out to play, don’t always look flat and light, especially at the party, don’t sit there quietly, be lively and laugh more, especially at the boys you are interested in. Happy women are the most attractive. No man will refuse a woman who can bring happiness.

How to get him to chase you again? 5Call his name more

Calling his name more will make him impressed with you. Must seize the opportunity to call his name, with a gentle voice.

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How to get him to chase you again? 6Pretending to touch his body unintentionally

Girls touch boys, don’t appear deliberate, can be walking and she passed by, like this kind of unintentional touch. Boys are very sensitive to the physical touch of girls.

Do the above points well, this boy will be interested in you, if you can chat again, Congratulations, he will take the initiative to chase you. A big principle is that although girls should be reserved, they should not be too shy. It’s best to be generous.

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